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Résumé du parcours
Hélène Bussy-Socrate is Associate Professor at Paris School of Business. She received her PHD in organization studies from Paris Dauphine University, and did her Postdoc at Warwick Business School. Her research interests lie at the intersection between organizational strategy and new technologies. She focuses on legitimation issues for organizations and collective mostly in healthcare. At PSB she teaches Business Strategy and Digital Business.



  • PhD, Organization Studies, Management (graduated in 2015)


  • Head of research department, Digital Entrepreneurship and Society

Département pédagogique

  • Management

Département de recherche

  • Management and Strategy


  • New Practices for Innovation and Creativity


Strategic Management


Scientific Article
Titre Auteurs Source Date
Sociomaterial influence on social media: exploring sexualised practices of influencers on Instagram Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE, Karina SOKOLOVA Information Technology & People 02/2023
Le corps dans l’espace organisé, l’organisation de l’espace qui prend corps : l’embodiment au sein des espaces de coworking Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE, Nicolas AUBOUIN, O. CHAMBARD Management International 01/2022
Des modes de diffusion de la rumeur : une approche par la matérialité Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE, François-Xavier DE VAUJANY Systèmes d'Information et Management 12/2018
Titre Auteurs Source Date
When the omerta is broken: sociomateriality and the history of hazing in French universities Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE Palgrave Macmillan 01/2015
Academic communication
Titre Auteurs Source Date
Genre, idéologies et esthétique des espaces de l’entrepreneuriat féminin Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE Académie de l'entrepreneuriat et de l'innovation 10/2021
Le genre féminin dans les espaces collaboratifs de l’entrepreneuriat Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE Académie de l'entrepreneuriat et de l'innovation 10/2021
How paradoxical materiality reify gender discrimination and precarious organizing ? Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE Organization Artefacts and Practices 06/2021
Exploring challenges for hybrid entrepreneurs in Business Schools Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE, Fabrice PERIAC, Jean-Max KOSKIEVIC Journal of Management Studies & Society for Advancement of Management Studies 04/2020
Faire face à l’insécurité de la condition d’entrepreneur : le rôle des incubateurs visant l’inclusion sociale Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE, Olivia CHAMBARD AIMS 01/2020
Reversing identity: How professionals move back to past self-constructs Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE, Graeme CURRIE 01/2018
Implementing best practice: the changing nature of leadership across the innovation process Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE, Karl PRINCE, Eivor OBORN 01/2016
How material practices enacted to institutional logics contribute to the becoming of members? Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE 01/2015
The materiality of institutional logics: dualities in the French medical profession since 1975 Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE 01/2015
Reconsidering the link between reputation and identity: An institutional perspective Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE, François-Xavier DE VAUJANY 01/2012
Press Article
Titre Auteurs Source Date
Visioconférences : comment bien travailler lorsqu’on est filmé ? Hélène BUSSY-SOCRATE, Géraldine PARING The conversation 06/2020