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Beyond the shallows of physical attractiveness: Perfection and objectifying gaze on Instagram

Karina SOKOLOVA, Hajer Kefi, Vincent Dutot
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Does green technology innovation matter to the cost of equity capital?

Hatem RJIBA, Khaled Elmawazini, Imed Chkir, Fatma Mrad

Using a panel of U.S. public firms, we present the first evidence highlighting the relation between green technology innovation and cost of equity capital. Consistent with our prediction, we find that greater green technology innovation is associated with lower cost of equity capital.

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Female Representation on Boards and Carbon Emissions: International Evidence

Hatem RJIBA, T. Thavaharan

This paper examines the effect of board gender diversity on firms’ carbon emissions. Using a sample
of firms from 43 countries during the 2005-2019 period, we establish that firms with more genderdiverse

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Judge Ideology and Corporate Sexual Orientation Equality

Hatem RJIBA, Ashrafee Hossain, SAMIR SAADI

We investigate the role that judge ideology plays in determining corporate sexual orientation equality
(CSOE) initiatives. We find a negative relationship between liberal judge ideology and CSOE

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Can social media influencers encourage healthier behaviour? A study of food influencers and home-cooking intentions.

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Ideological polarization and government debt

Mickael MELKI, Andrew Pickering

Models of strategic debt predict that public debt increases with polarization, measured by the ideological distance between the government and its likely successor.

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Risque de fraude interne, comment dissuader efficacement les salariés ? , Gérer & Comprendre, Septembre 2022, n°149, 47-60.

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Dynamic dependence and predictability between volume and return of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): The roles of market factors and geopolitical risks

Christian UROM, Khaled GUESMI, Gideon Ndubuisi

We examine the dependence between volume and returns for the NFT market and three sub-markets (Cryptokitties, Cryptopunks, and Decentraland) using both quantile cross-spectral coherency and quantile regression techniques.