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The cost of banking crises: Does the policy framework matter?

This paper empirically investigates how the stringency of monetary, fiscal and exchange rate policy frameworks impacts the expected cost of banking crises.

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You follow fitness influencers on YouTube. But do you actually exercise? How parasocial relationships, and watching fitness influencers, relate to intentions to exercise

Digital celebrities found on social media platforms are found to be successful in endorsing brands and products, and influencing purchase intentions of their followers. However, influencers also promote values and lifestyles on their channels, such as healthy behavior and fitness.

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Macroprudential and monetary policies: The need to dance the Tango in harmony

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The evolution and heterogeneity of credit procyclicality in Central and Eastern Europe

This article presents empirical estimates of bank credit procyclicality for a sample of 11 Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs) for the period 2000Q1–2016Q4.

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How do HRM practices improve employee satisfaction?

Nessrine OMRANI, Laetitia HAURET, Ludivine MARTIN, Donald R WILLIAMS