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Résumé du parcours
PROFESSIONAL TRAINER who has created and taught courses on Excel, Concepts and Design of Websites, Advanced Responsive Site Design, PhotoShop, InDesign and Illustrator, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Insure / 90 modules and subsystems ... With over ten years of experience as a trainer, with interpersonal skills and a proven ability to forge excellent relationships with all stakeholders at all levels. He gives his classes in French and in English. TEAM MANAGER / TECHNICAL ARCHITECT / CONFIRMED ANALYST, efficient, flexible and dynamic with more than 20 years of technical experience on the AS400, having worked in many European countries. Has managed and participated in the technical success of IT projects, in order to deliver them according to the precise design specifications in different branches such as insurance, finance and stock management. PROJECT MANAGER persevering, resourceful and determined with excellent analytical skills and a successful track record in developing, implementing and managing multiple projects, within budget, framework, and timeframe, even under pressure and across several countries at the same time.



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  • English

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  • Leadership IT Skills and Languages


Digital Management
Digital Management