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Résumé du parcours
Dr. Kai Luo is an Associate Professor of Operations Management at PSB (Paris School of Business) in France. He teaches courses such as operations management, inventory management, supply chain management and operational logistic management. His research interests include supply chain management, mechanism design and healthcare operations. He received his Ph.D in operations management and information system from HEC Paris in France. Prior to that, he received his B.E. in construction management from Tsinghua University in China and M.E. in operations management from Ecole Centrale Paris in France. He is the Associate Head for Executive Program Development for Asia in PSB.



  • PhD, Business Administration, Quantitative methods (graduated in 2012)

Département pédagogique

  • Management


Scientific Article
Titre Auteurs Source Date
Multi-stage mine production timetabling with optimising the sizes of mining operations: an application of parallel-machine flow shop scheduling with lot streaming Kai LUO, S. Q. Liu, E Kozan, M. Masoud, D Li Annals of Operations Research 01/2023
Optimal service life analysis of shared bicycles under ‘three-year mandatory scrapping’ policy Kai LUO, B Liu, Y Chen, H Yang, B Peng Sustainable Production and Consumption 01/2022
Inventory allocation models for a two-stage, two-product, capacitated supplier and retailer problem with random demand Kai LUO, Ramesh BOLLAPRAGADA, Laoucine KERBACHE International Journal of Production Economics 01/2017
Naphthoquinones from Onosma paniculatum with potential anti-inflammatory activity. Kai LUO Planta Medica 01/2017
Naphthoquinones from Onosma paniculatum with Potential Anti-inflammatory Activity Kai LUO, Miao DONG, Dan LIU, Yan Hong LI, Xuan Qin CHEN, Yong Min ZHANG, Rong Tao LI PLAMED 01/2016
A Generalized Single Product and Single Period Problem with Nonlinear Parameters Kai LUO, Laoucine KERBACHE, Mozart MENEZES, Christian VAN DELFT International Transactions in Operational Research 05/2012