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Résumé du parcours
Yue ZHAO is associate professor at PSB Paris School of Business. She holds Phd and M.Phil degrees in Business Administration from ESSEC Business School in Paris, after graduating with a BA in Economics, a BSc in Applied Mathematics, and an MA in Finance from Peking University. Her doctoral thesis looks into the emergence, diffusion and institutionalization process of ready-to-wear fashion in Paris and in New York through institutional and network lens. She is interested in a wide range of topics in cultural industries including field transformation, evolution of creativity and legitimacy.



  • Philosophiae Degree, Business Administration, Management (graduated in 2012)

Département de recherche

  • Management and Strategy


Art Management
Art Management


Scientific Article
Titre Auteurs Source Date
Networks on the walls: Analyzing “traces” of institutional logics in museums’ permanent exhibitions Yue ZHAO, Anna ZAMORA-KAPOOR, Frederic GODART Poetics 10/2019
Consumer evaluation of collaboration between perfumery and gastronomy for innovation Ekaterina BESSON, Hajer KEFI, Yue ZHAO, A. MAALAOUI international journal of entrepreneurship and small business 06/2019
Assessing the impact of University Scientific Research on firm's innovation performance Yue ZHAO International Journal of Technology Management 01/2018
Assessing the Impact of University Scientific Research on Firm’s Innovation Performance Yue ZHAO, Luca DEZI, Gabriele SANTORO, Filippo MONGE International Journal of Technology Management 01/2018
Titre Auteurs Source Date
From China to the World: What Drives China's Taste for Luxury and what it means for Luxury Brands Yue ZHAO, Frederic GODART Palgrave Macmillan 02/2014
Academic communication
Titre Auteurs Source Date
Fame in the Frame: Seeking, Seeing and Sharing for Museum Visits Using Social Media Hajer KEFI, Yue ZHAO, Sali FARRAN 14th Organization Studies Summer Workshop on Technology and Organization 05/2019
Setting the playground: Collective creativity in coworking spaces Ignasi CAPDEVILA, Yue ZHAO 10th organisation studies summer workshop 05/2015
The Complex Diffusion of Ready-to-wear Fashion in Paris through Networks Yue ZHAO 30th EGOS 06/2014