Christian UROM

Christian UROM

Associate Professor Research
Résumé du parcours
Christian Urom has several years of teaching and research in Economics and Finance. He previously worked as a credit advisor with Mutual Benefits Assurance Group. His research interests are in Energy economics, asset pricing, commodity finance and climate change. Christian is currently responsible for Advanced Economics; International Economics; International Monetary Economics and Principles of Economics for BBA and PGE students. He is also responsible for Market risk measurement; Commodities and Derivatives modules for MSc International Finance students at the Paris School of Business.



  • PhD, Economics (graduated in 2021)




Scientific Article
Titre Auteurs Source Date
Climate change concerns and macroeconomic condition predictability Christian UROM, Imaculata Nnenna Enwo-Irem Finance Research Letters 02/2024
Dynamic effects of geopolitical risks and infectious diseases on real estate markets Christian UROM, Denis N. Yuni, Immaculata Enwo-Irem International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis 01/2024
Economic sentiment and the cryptocurrency market in the post-COVID-19 era Christian UROM, Khaled GUESMI, Ramzi BENKRAIEM, Myriam BEN OSMAN International Review of Financial Analysis 01/2024
From black gold to financial fallout: Analyzing extreme risk spillovers in oil-exporting nations Christian UROM Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 01/2024
Wheat as a hedge and safe haven for equity investors during the Russia–Ukraine war Christian UROM Finance Research Letters 10/2023
Do geopolitical risks and global market factors influence the dynamic dependence among regional sustainable investments and major commodities? Christian UROM Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 08/2023
Fossil fuel divestment and energy prices: Implications for economic agents Christian UROM Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 08/2023
PGP for portfolio optimization: application to ESG index family Christian UROM, Ilyes Abid Annals of Operations Research 07/2023
Time–frequency dependence and connectedness between financial technology and green assets Christian UROM International Economics / Economie Internationale 07/2023
Too big to be ignored: How energy poverty undermines productive efficiency Christian UROM Energy Policy 07/2023
Global commodity and equity markets spillovers to Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic Christian UROM, Gideon Ndubuisi, Gaye Del Lo, Denis Yuni Emerging Markets Review 06/2023
Dependence and risk spillovers among clean cryptocurrencies prices and media environmental attention Christian UROM Research in International Business and Finance 04/2023
Dynamic integration and transmission channels among interest rates and oil price shocks Khaled GUESMI, Christian UROM, Ilyes Abid, Leila Dagher Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 02/2023
Forecasting the volatility of precious metals prices with global economic policy uncertainty in pre and during the COVID-19 period: Novel evidence from the GARCH-MIDAS approach Christian UROM Energy Economics 02/2023
Climate Change-related Risks and Bank Stock Returns Whelsy BOUNGOU, Christian UROM Economics Letters 01/2023
American hedge funds industry, market timing and COVID-19 crisis Christian UROM, Khaled GUESMI Journal of Asset Management 09/2022
Directional predictability and time-frequency spillovers among clean energy sectors and oil price uncertainty Christian UROM, Khaled GUESMI, Hela Mzoughi, Gideon Ndubuisi Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 08/2022
Dynamic dependence and predictability between volume and return of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): The roles of market factors and geopolitical risks Christian UROM, Khaled GUESMI, Gideon Ndubuisi Finance Research Letters 08/2022
The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Islamic and Conventional Financial Markets: an international empirical evidence Khaled GUESMI, Christian UROM, H. MZOUGHI, Fateh BELAID Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 08/2022
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Quantile co-movement and dependence between energy-focused sectors and artificial intelligence Christian UROM, Khaled GUESMI, Gideon Ndubuisi, Benkraien Ramzi Technological Forecasting and Social Change 07/2022
Downside and upside risk spillovers between green finance and energy markets Khaled GUESMI, Christian UROM Finance Research Letters 06/2022
How do financial and commodity markets volatility react to real economic activity? Christian UROM, Khaled GUESMI Finance Research Letters 06/2022
Renewable energy consumption, globalization, and economic growth shocks: Evidence from G7 countries Christian UROM, Khaled GUESMI, Ilyes ABID, Gideon NDUBUISI Journal of International Trade and Economic Development 08/2021
Negative oil price shocks transmission: The comparative effects of the GFC, shale oil boom, and Covid-19 downturn on French gasoline prices Raphaël Homayoun BOROUMAND, Christian UROM, Thomas PORCHER Research in International Business and Finance 06/2021
Exploring the relationship between cryptocurrencies and hedge funds during COVID-19 crisis Khaled GUESMI, Christian UROM International Review of Financial Analysis 05/2021
Economic activity, and financial and commodity markets’ shocks: An analysis of implied volatility indexes Christian UROM International Economics / Economie Internationale 01/2021
Green markets integration in different time scales: A regional analysis Christian UROM Energy Economics 01/2021
Quantile spillovers and dependence between Bitcoin, equities and strategic commodities Khaled GUESMI, Christian UROM, Ilyes ABID, Julien CHEVALLIER Economic Modelling 08/2020
A dynamic conditional regime-switching GARCH CAPM for energy and financial markets Christian UROM, J. CHEVALLIER Energy Economics 01/2020
Regime dependent effects and cyclical volatility spillover between crude oil price movements and stock returns Christian UROM International Economics 11/2019
Commodities risk premia and regional integration in gas-exporting countrie Khaled GUESMI, Christian UROM, Stephane GOUTTE, Julien CHEVALLIER, Ilyes ABID Energy Economics 06/2019
Commodities risk premier and regional integration in gas-exporting countries Christian UROM, Khaled GUESMI, Stephane GOUTTE, Ilyes ABID, Julien CHEVALLIER, Julien CHEVALLIER Energy Economics 01/2019