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L’inscription des formes atypiques de travail dans des espaces partagés : le cas des collectifs de pigistes

This study focuses on several freelance journalists’ collective in France as revealing common dynamics of atypical and rather individualized professional activities. We built a typology of entrepreneurial motivations in these coworking spaces.

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Networks on the walls: Analyzing “traces” of institutional logics in museums’ permanent exhibitions


What can scholars learn from looking at how objects are interrelated in concrete social settings? We argue that even in the absence of directly observable materially-mediated relations between individuals, objects offer “traces” of institutional dynamics.

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100 fiches pour comprendre le digital

Charles PEREZ, Vincent DUTOT

An indispensable book for quick access to the essentials of the digital world.

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New evidence on the historical growth of government in Europe: The role of labor costs


We document a robust positive correlation between the size of government and the labor share of income in data from European countries covering the period 1869–1975. Following Facchini et al. (2017), we interpret this correlation as evidence that labor costs drive public spending.

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Business-to-artist: record labels and sub-labels in the digital age

The history of recorded music has been marked by endless artistic and technological changes. While music labels persist, digital technology has profoundly altered why they exist and how they work.

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Mais pourquoi aime-t-on autant la caravane du Tour de France ?