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Egalitarianism and the democratic deconsolidation: Is democracy compatible with socialism?

Mickael MELKI, François FACCHINI

The unprecedented reduction in popular support for democracy represents a risk of democratic deconsolidation. The new situation echoes old debates on the compatibility of democracy with capitalism and socialism.

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Exploring the microfoundations of nomadic dynamic capabilities: The example of flying winemakers

Mehmet ORHAN, David KALISZ, Sylvaine CASTELLANO, Insaf KHELLADI, Rosella SORIO
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Public Attention to Environmental Issues and Stock Market Returns


This paper empirically examines the effect of public attention to climate change and pollution on the weekly returns on US sustainability stock indices (i.e. the DJSI US and the FTSE4Good USA Index) in comparison to their conventional parent indices (i.e. the S&P 500 Index and the FTSE USA).

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The cost of banking crises: Does the policy framework matter?

This paper empirically investigates how the stringency of monetary, fiscal and exchange rate policy frameworks impacts the expected cost of banking crises.

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Economic activity, and financial and commodity markets’ shocks: An analysis of implied volatility indexes

This paper examines the dynamic short- and long-run asymmetric interactions and causality between real economic activity and stock and gold markets volatility shocks using both the cointegration Nonlinear Autoregressive Distributed Lag and Granger causality tests.

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Emerging and Advanced Economies Markets behavior during the COVID-19 Crisis era

Khaled GUESMI, Amine BEN AMER, Fateh BEL AID, Stéphane GOUTTE
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Exchange rate policy and external vulnerabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa: nominal, real or mixed targeting?

Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DUFRÉNOT, Fadia AL HAJJ