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Le corps dans l’espace organisé, l’organisation de l’espace qui prend corps : l’embodiment au sein des espaces de coworking

This article aims to understand spatial and social space in coworking spaces through a multiple ethnography located in Paris.

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Diversifying equity with cryptocurrencies during COVID-19


Literature suggests assets become more correlated during economic downturns. The COVID-19 crisis provides an unprecedented opportunity to investigate this considerably further. Further, whether cryptocurrencies provide a diversification for equities is still an unsettled issue.

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Entrepreneurial Opportunities of Refugees in Germany, France, and Ireland: Multiple Embeddedness Framework

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Negative oil price shocks transmission: The comparative effects of the GFC, shale oil boom, and Covid-19 downturn on French gasoline prices

This article analyzes the transmission mechanisms between oil prices and fuel prices in France over the period 2005?2020.

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Voter turnout and intergenerational redistribution

Mickael MELKI, Andrew PICKERING, Michael KLIEN

Electoral reforms that lead to reduced turnout modify the composition of the electorate, potentially overrepresenting specific interests in policy implementation.