Global Monetary & Financial Dynamics

The work of the researchers in the Global Monetary and Financial Dynamics department is based on three main areas: International Finance and Money; Corporate Finance and Governance; Audit and Accounting.

Benjamin KEDDAD

Full Professor

International Finance and Money

The global crisis has shattered the paradigm of contemporary macroeconomics that had prevailed since the late 1980s. The issues focus on :

  • the influence of monetary policy on the stability of the banking system and the resilience of the real economy, inflation targeting strategies and their institutional context within emerging economies;
  • the interaction between financial liberalisation, capital flows and financial crises;
  • and the dynamics of monetary and financial integration at the global and regional levels.
Corporate Finance and Governance

The financial performance of companies is a major issue in a context of increased competition and the internationalisation of firms. Moreover, given their societal impact, companies today must integrate new standards to meet the concerns of the players with whom they interact. More broadly, researchers in this sub-theme are interested in the functioning of financial systems and companies, their role and their place in the economy.

Auditing and Accounting

Operational risk management is a crucial issue for companies in order to comply with increasingly demanding standards and limit the risk of losses. In banking and insurance, operational risk control is all the more important in view of financial deregulation and increasingly complex financial arrangements. For this reason, part of the research work analyses how the mobilisation of stakeholders helps to create and animate a culture of operational risk in the financial sector.

Finally, on more accounting aspects, the department's researchers are studying the link between investor confidence, the quality of financial information and IFRS standards.