Marketing and Value Creation


Research is centered on fundamental issues inlcuding «Value Creation» from a consumer point of view (tangible and intangible need satisfaction, evolution of consummation trends) and managerial trends (Corporate Social Responsibility, commercial performance, competitive advantages, and differentiation strategies, new product development).

Research is meant to be transversal and integrates the consumer behavior and the digital marketing dimensions.

Head of department

Assistant Professor

Consumer Behavior

Research on consumer behavior has gradually become a major issue and area in the marketing discipline. Research developed in this field has aimed to contribute to a better understanding of the specificity and complexity of consumer behavior and consumption system. Research has resulted in significant conceptual and empirical advances (methodology, development of managerial practices ...). The research program of this department is part of this dynamic. Members produce research on various topics to enhance existing theoretical knowledge and understand the evolution of managerial practices in marketing.

Research program focuses on a variety of topics explored through various methodologies (qualitative approach «individual interviews, focus groups, ethnography, semiotics,  netnography...» and quantitative approach). Topics include the following subjects:

  • Consumption behavior,
  • Mortality salience and the aging process and their influence on the buying behavior of older,
  • Socially responsible behavior and ethical sensitivity of consumers towards corporate social responsibility strategies,
  • Consumer resistance towards marketing practices,
  • Modalities and consequences of consumer experiences in the stores,
  • Analysis of discourse of the brand (semiotics and semantics),
  • Consumer responses to brand communication strategies.

Digital Marketing

Research on the topic of Digital Marketing aims at developping theoretical and operational knowledge on issues related to the digital dimension. This trend is  confirmed by the large amount of research and related multidisciplinary scientific advances. Research questions are studied in various methodological perspectives:

  • Interactions between consumers and brands on social networks,
  • The role of social networks in the co-creation of offers by consumers and companies,
  • Uses of social networks by consumers.