Marketing Analytics & eXperience Insights

The Marketing Analytics and eXperience Insights department focuses on how the use of data aims at better understanding the consumer, his/her communities and the society, in order to optimize and enrich the consumption experience in different sectors.


Associate Professor Research

Experience and value creation

Collected data and methodologies allow to define a consumption experience which creates value both for individuals and for organizations.
On the one hand, social networks and numeric tools enable the consumers to share multiple information that are related to their life experience. On the other hand, the use of distinct (both qualitative and quantitative), innovative (such as neuromarketing) and complementary methodologies (conscious and non-conscious data; verbal, paraverbal and nonverbal data) enables to get an integrative approach of the experience.

Experience and lifestyles

Research focuses on the individual in the modern society and his lifestyles as explicative factors of the consumption experience. In this context, several research topics related to attitude toward the self and others are suggested: attitude toward time and age, experience of aging and older individual’s behaviors, luxury consumption, consumption experience in stores.

Societal and ethical challenges of consumption experience

Research focuses on the way organizations and managerial practices contribute to both the individual wellbeing and the society wellbeing. Some studies focus on sustainable consumption or on cause-related brand strategies. Others focus on social entrepreneurship, its motivations and impact on the environment. The question of the ethical use of individual data is also raised for a better transparency of practices.