Areas of Research

The PSB Research Lab’s motto "Research for Practice" reflects its members’ contributions to the production of knowledge that is useful to the academic community, the socio-economic environment, and to the pedagogy deployed across the School.Members of the PSB Research Lab include the school’s professors and doctoral students. The Lab is structured around four research areas that have been aligned to the expertise and research interests of the laboratory's members, two chairs and a research center for energy and climate change (CRECC)

These four areas of research expertise are described below:

> Economics, Monetary and Environmental Policies (EMEP): the research conducted by the faculty working on the EMEP   area explores economic, societal, and environmental questions. This involves work on the relationship between monetary policy, interest rates and inflation, as well as energy economics.

> Financial Policies, Banking and Corporate Finance (FBCF):

The research conducted within the Financial policies, Banking and Corporate Finance (FBCF) area aims to promote innovative research on emerging issues in market finance, banking market finance, banking, corporate finance and financial accounting.

> Innovation Strategy, Digital Transformation, Management and Social Entrepreneurship (IDTSE): research in this area focuses on innovation and digital strategies on the one hand, and entrepreneurship on the other. More specifically, the management of knowledge and creativity, digital transformation, the vulnerability of humans and machines, and the diversity of social actors. IDTSE researchers use quantitative and qualitative methodologies combining data collection, exploratory empirical studies, and econometrics.

> Technology Interaction, Strategic Marketing & Customer Experience (TIMCE): The research carried out in the TIMCE area focuses on technological interaction and marketing strategy as well as marketing and customer experience. The research team use methodologies such as behavioral experiments, field experiments, artificial intelligence, and survey methods.

The PSB Paris School of Business Research Lab was founded in 2010 and is composed of 60 researchers spread in four lines of research.