Research faculty members undertake research activities related to the PSB Corporate Chairs. The Lab conducts research and knowledge transfer activities related to the key challenges of our time.

Our corporate chairs seek to create an environment that enhances the success of PSB’s researchers. We do this in collaboration with professionals supporting our “Research for Practice” strategy.

In addition to helping researchers identify resources, the knowledge transfer department eases interdisciplinary research.

The four expertise clusters are :

Digital Data Design

Information management 

Big Data

Digital Business


Energy Risk Management 

Price transmission on Energy Markets

Geopolitical risks related to Energy Trade

Energy issues in Emerging Countries

Economic impacts of Energy Transition in Europe

New Practices for Innovation and Creativity 

Innovation Driving Consumption 

Design and innovation

Open innovation in global firms

Creative ideas

Entrepreneurship and sustainable business

Linking intuition and entrepreneurial intention

Cooperative entrepreneurship

Contextual and cultural determinants of entrepreneurship