Research faculty members undertake research activities related to the PSB Corporate Chairs. The Lab conducts research and knowledge transfer activities related to the key challenges of our time.

Our corporate chairs seek to create an environment that enhances the success of PSB’s researchers. We do this in collaboration with professionals supporting our “Research for Practice” strategy.

In addition to helping researchers identify resources, the knowledge transfer department eases interdisciplinary research.

The five expertise clusters are :


New Practices for Innovation and Creativity 


The newPIC Chair (new Practices for Innovation and Creativity) was founded in 2014 to investigate the micro-foundations of innovation and creativity, from the emergence of new ideas to their appropriation, covering all processes of value creation. The projects carried out by the Chair appraise the specific caracteristics of contexts, territories and industry domains to assess innovation processes, best practices and business models. Investigated sectors cover the fields of cosmetics, aeronautics, Space and Defense, etc.


Living Health


The Living Health Chair, founded in 2020, aims to provide insights into and recommendations for the implementation of innovative and integrative care approaches focused on the individual and their well-being. More specifically, the Chair focuses on understanding and optimizing the patient experience by adopting a global approach of this experience, based on three key success factors: the human dimension -care-, the professional expertise -cure-, and the optimal use of data and digital tools -connect.

Center of Research for Energy and Climate Change  



The CRECC was founded in 2019 to promote interdisciplinary research and disseminate knowledge in the fields of energy and climate change. Its objective is to provide a leading hub of analysis covering issues on the efficient use of energy, on cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, shedding light on their applications and fostering public awareness.