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Innovation platforms in French regional ecosystems

This research project is commissioned by Bpifrance le Lab and Innovation Factory. 
The project updates the activities executed in 2016-2017 and commissioned by the same institutions. In 2016-2017, our research has produced a taxonomy on innovation platforms. It focused on innnovation platforms located in Paris and its region, Ile de France. The 2017-2018 project investigates major innovation platforms in continental France's main regional hubs. It also focuses on the modalities used by these platforms to support the digital transformation of services and industrial firms.

The 2018 report points out 5 challenges to be addressed in innovation platforms: 

  • entrepreneurs and local governments play key roles in the creation and development of innovation platforms;

  • (regional) innovation platforms are levers to activate local public policies;

  • mega-platforms play key specific roles, and make a major original impact on ecosystems

  • companies (of all sizes) are at the same time clients, users and partners of the innovation platforms;

  • the increasing volume of platforms questions the definition of stable business models for innovation platforms.

Contact :

Dr Valérie Mérindol, David W. Versailles, Professors at PSB, Management and Strategy Research Department

For more information : http://www.newpic.fr/02proj2017openlabsfra.html


Collaborative Economy Research Project

Forms of collaborative economy and social protection

Social protection in the spaces of the collaborative economy

The head of the project, Associate Professor at PSB, Hélène Bussy-Socrate and researchers of Paris Dauphine University put at the heart of the study the organizations of the collaborative economy and its contributors, in relation with its beneficiaries. This level of analysis makes it possible to explain the decisions taken by the actors of the collaborative economy and to better understand the future. The modes of organization of work differ from the classical models traditionally taught in public or private institutions.  

The objectives are multiple:

- Explore the symbolic and sociological resources of collaborative economy enterprises.

- Discover the practices and networks of communities in residence in collaborative spaces.

- Explore the financing and economic viability of collaborative spaces, key players and representatives of the collaborative economy

- Raise good practices to manage the complexity of a hybrid business model (economic vs. social), a recurring problem in the collaborative economy

- Deal with and understand the challenges of quality of life at work through over-connection and disconnection practices

Contacts :

Dr Hélène Bussy-Socrate, Associate Professor at PSB, Management and Strategy Research Department

Dr Valérie Mérindol, Professor at PSB, Chair NewPic, v.merindol@psbedu.paris

Dr Nicolas Aubouin, Professeur associé at PSB, Chair NewPic, n.aubouin@psbedu.paris

For more information : h.bussysocrate@psbedu.paris


SERIOUS GAMES FORUM 2018 with the contribution of the PSB and the D3 Chair

PSB Paris School of Business and D3 Chair join the Serious Games Forum which will take place on December 3rd at the Ecole Militaire

The association organizes the first forum in France dedicated to the uses of wargaming for the sectors of defense, civil and research with a meaningful contribution of Disruptive Digital Data to the project.

This is the opportunity to meet a panel of actors from various backgrounds who design and use these board games easy to implement and produce, sometimes with digital support. It is also an event to connect with other participants who already use these tools.

Contact :

Dr Charles Perez, Associate Professor at PSB, Head of D3 Chair



PSB Workshop on Governance and Diversity, CCPI, 20th June, 2018

Workshop on Governance and Diversity

This full day workshop was dedicated to presentation and discussion of papers on governance and diversity topical issue with the ambition to bring together recent advances in academic research on this theme.

Organised by Dr Héger Gabteni and Dr Nathalie Bitbol-Saba, Associate Professors at PSB, the Governance and Diversity Workshop welcomed theoretical and empirical, qualitative and quantitative papers, from varied viewpoints and contexts. 

Submissions in management, economics, finance, strategy as well as human ressource management that examine governance through the lens of diversity and in its various dimensions were also welcome. 

Thanks to all participants for the great contribution !

Contacts :

Dr Héger Gabteni, Associate Professor PSB

Dr Nathalie Bitbol-Saba, Associate Professor PSB

The great success of 46th Congress of the Uplegess at PSB Paris School of Business

The 46th Congress of the Uplegess at PSB realized from June 6th to 9th on the theme: Teaching cultural languages in the European Higher Education Area: Assessment and perspectives 20 years after the declaration of the Sorbonne (1998-2018 ) has been a real success.

It brought together 137 participants, including 37 leading management schools, 14 engineering colleges, 8 French universities, 1 foreign university (LAVAL, Québec), 21 teacher-researchers.

Thanks to all participants !


WETICE 2018 at PSB Paris School of Business

27th IEEE International Conference on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises

June 27th-29th, 2018 Campus Cluster Paris Innovation

PSB Paris School of Business and D3 Chair with EFREI Paris organise the 27th Edition of WETICE, an annual International conference on state-of-the-art research in enabling technologies for collaboration, consisting of a number of cognate conference tracks.

What sets WETICE apart from larger conferences is that the conference tracks are kept small enough to promote fruitful discussions on the latest technology developments, directions, problems, and requirements.

Each track includes paper presentations and group discussions while the keynote sessions and summary of discussions take place in joint sessions.

Contact :

Dr Charles Perez, associate professor at PSB, head of D3 Chair




Les opens labs et plateformes d'innovation en France

Valérie Mérindol, Professor at PSB, Co-director of NewPic Chair, will present at Inspection générale de l'éducation nationale et de la recherche du ministère de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche  the study « Les opens labs et plateformes d'innovation en France : le rôle des universités et des organismes de recherche ».

For more information : v.merindol@psbedu.paris

SMA Social Media Awards 2018

Each year, PSB Paris School of Business celebrates outstanding social media campaigns on Facebook, You Tube and Twitter.

On June 7th, 2018, PSB once again honored top social media campaigns at the Campus Cluster Paris Innovation.

The SMA are in their seventh edition at PSB Paris School of Business. During this ambitious event bringing together researchers, professionals and media partners will be rewarded the best strategies of brands in terms of “Social Media” performance and innovation for the past year.

The winners of PSB 2018 Social Media Awards span a wide variety of organizations, from brands like

Oui.SNCF, happn, Iban First and Lendix.

The winners were judged on their ability to meet their campaign objectives and on the innovation and creativity of their social media tactics which mean strategies of brands deployed on major social networks: Facebook, Twiter, Google+, LinkedIn and You Tube.


The winners of 7th Edition :

  • Grand Prix Social Media Awards : Lendix

  • Prix Application Mobile : happn

  • Prix Influenceur PSB : Huynh Cécile

  • Prix d’honneur : Vincent Dutot

Thanks to all participants for the contribution !



18-19 October 2018, Shanghai, China Associate Professor PSB, Badis Hammi

Smart City Security, Smart Grid security, Big data security and privacy, Wireless networks security and privacy, RFID network security, Social networks, Artificial intelligence and it’s application, Law & policy of security and privacy, Blockchain technology and CyberSecurity ...

On 18th and 19th October 2018 in Shanghai will take place the International Conference on Security of Smart Cities, Industrial Control System and Communications (SSIC'2018), the third conference in the area of cyber security focusing on the industry control system, cloud platform and smart cities.

The keynote speaker of IEEE SSIC 2018 CONFERENCE, Dr. Badis Hammi, Associate Professor at PSB Paris School of Business will take the lead of discussions during the international forum for scientists, researchers, professionals, industry practitioners, policy makers, and users to exchange ideas, techniques and tools, and share experience related to all practical and theoretical aspects of communications and network security.

SSIC'2018 conference is technically co-sponsored by IEEE. All accepted papers are expected to be included in IEEE Xplore and indexed by EI. SSIC'2018 seeks original high-quality technical papers from academia, government, and industry. Topics of interest encompass not only all practical and theoretical aspects of communications, and network security, but also security mechanism put into some critical applications.

Partnership between Institut Rafaël et Living Health Research Chair

Judith Partouche, Associate Professor, Director of Living Health Research Chair at PSB Paris School of Business

The activities of the Living Health Chair are focused on understanding and optimizing the patient experience, for innovative and integrative care approaches centered on the individual and its well-being, a major concern of Institut Rafaël. The patient experience places the individual and the human relationship at the heart of the care journey, when accompanying patients and caregivers during treatments, during healing and beyond, during reconstruction and social rehabilitation. A global approach of the patient experience is thus privileged, mobilizing the contributions of several disciplines, in order to create value-creating interactions, for the patients, the professionals of health and the caregivers.

The question of interactions with patients makes all the more sense when it comes to coping with cancer. On the one hand, because the disease involves multiple interactions that can be a source of anxiety, and at the same time, opportunities to feel better, more serene, and stronger in the face of the disease. On the other hand, because the trauma induced by diagnosis and treatment makes the human approach indispensable in the accompaniment of patients. The comprehensive care offered by Institut Rafaël works in this direction for a more personalized approach.

The partnership established between Institut Rafaël and the Living Health Chair thus consists in using the expertise of PSB researchers to optimize the patient experience and programs offered by Institut Rafaël. Studies are carried out regularly for this purpose. The scientific rigor provided by researchers in the collection and analysis of data makes it possible to propose reliable and relevant recommendations for the well-being of all the actors. As part of the Chair, the constant confrontation of different points of view - experts, professionals, academics, leaders - allows a regular production of innovative and relevant studies according to the needs and expectations of patients and health professionals. To date, the activities of the Chair are articulated around various strategic axes, such as: the determinants of an optimal patient experience and the effects on the well-being and the quality of life, the co-creation of value during the interactions, the role of digital tools in the service of health, innovations in the accompaniment of patients. The Chair also coordinates the creation of educational tools to ensure the dissemination of knowledge from research work to students.

For more information : https://institut-rafael.fr/