Academic Departments

PSB Paris School of Business has set up 4 educational departments that are based on an organizational logic and in particular on the distribution of the company’s main functions.

Each department is composed of sub-Each department is headed by a permanent professor who is responsible for coordinating the pedagogical content of the different courses taught, as well as the development and adaptation of course materials in collaboration with other permanent teachers or professors associates.

Economics and Business Information

Brings together economics, business and market finance as well as quantitative techniques.

Marketing and Communication

Strives to develop in students the know-how in sales, distribution, communication, marketing and advertising.

Management and strategy

Brings together the intellectual and technical tools useful to students to understand the organization and human management of the company


Leadership, IT Skills, and Languages

Manages the development of intercultural teachings and plays an essential role in the objective of the globalization of the group as regards the language chain.