Innovation Strategy, Digital Transformation Management and Social Entrepreneurship

The work of the Innovation Strategy, Digital Transformation Management and Social Entrepreneurship (IDTSE) research area focuses on the use of technologies, current and future social practices at work, and new approaches to management (vulnerability, diversity of social actors, innovation and knowledge management, and ethical behavior). The research carried out is grounded in the field of technologies and information systems, entrepreneurship, innovation, and organizational theories. On the one hand, taking a transverse perspective, the contributions made by our research include the interpretation and explanation of marginal phenomena that are qualified as critical. On the other hand, our publications and ongoing projects analyze internal factors, the dynamics of knowledge management, innovation and creativity, managerial practices, inter-firm relations, and hybridization mechanisms.

Nessrine OMRANI

Full Professor

Digital Transformation and Disruptive Environment

Research in this theme focuses on questions related to the vulnerability of humans and machines. The study of vulnerability, approached in a transdisciplinary manner, aims to understand the factors influencing the fragility of the various actors. The harmful effects of the extensive use of technologies are put into perspective. This theme aims to address the protection of the health of individuals in a context of increased digitalization. The theories applied include privacy literacy, privacy concerns, technostress, and consumer behavior.

Innovation and Knowledge Management

Research in this theme explores the emergence of the collaborative economy and collective actions (through crowdfunding, innovation laboratories or collaborative spaces aiming to transform society). The theories of social capital, knowledge management and innovation are therefore mobilized. Our work focuses on crowdfunding campaigns and its geographic and informational dimension, knowledge management and operations within companies, the determinants of creative processes, open labs, and the dynamics of social networks.

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Sustainability

The research carried out in this theme covers the diversity of social actors and their specific behaviors in the field of entrepreneurship. The studies we undertake also include new research topics such as sports as an entrepreneurial field, and the theories deployed cover social entrepreneurship and brand strategies. Within this framework, the following work has been carried out by PSB Research Lab researchers: development of social entrepreneurship training programs, entrepreneurial activity of seniors, impact of sports influencers on the intention to practice a sports activity, development of an explanatory model of burn out.