Digital Entrepreneurship & Society

Members of the Digital, Entrepreneurship & Society research department study the use of technology and current and future social practices in the workplace. The research team program is based on the development of grounded work in the fields of information technology and systems, entrepreneurship and organization theory. Transversally, the contributions include the interpretation and explanation of marginal phenomena, referred to as "critical". The work thus puts into perspective the actors wishing to mobilize the collective to make organizational processes emerge or disappear.

Nessrine OMRANI

Full Professor

Vulnerability of people and machines

This axis studies the factors that explain the vulnerability of machines and humans within the ecosystem. The study of vulnerability, approached in a transdisciplinary manner, aims to understand the interpretations of actors in fragile situations. It helps to put into perspective the harmful effects of the extensive use of technologies, such as information overload, technostress, personal data protection, and artificial intelligence. In a completely different way, the subject is approached from the perspective of the socio-economic resources of individuals, such as those of entrepreneurs in precarious and burnout situations.

Diversity of social actors

The study of the diversity of actors is a crucial issue for organizations. The study of inclusion is moreover in full expansion as management modes must adapt to the changing factors of the environment. The dimensions related to gender, multiculturalism, the increasing number of senior citizens at work, are therefore being addressed.

Organized collective action and social movements

This theme explores the collective and organized ways in which actors work together to transform society. In a dematerialized context, activist actions are structured by and with technologies. The department considers crucial the study of social networks in the organization of individual resistance, or in the organization of work through the development of virtual teams. Some of the department's researchers specialize in the emergence of the collaborative economy, such as crowdfunding, co-working, and other collaborative programs emerging in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.