Economics, Monetary and Environmental Policies

The work conducted in the Economics, Monetary and Environmental Policies (EMEP) research area focuses on two main themes, including Economic and Monetary Policies on the one hand, and environmental strategies on the other.

Hassan OBEID

Associate Professor Research

The faculty members working on this area of research explore the drivers of monetary, fiscal and prudential macroeconomic stability in a context of market liberalization.

The theoretical corpus used draws on the major macroeconomic theories that address the credibility and efficiency of public policies in guarding against financial crises. This work addresses the role of macroeconomic policy in a post-2008 and post-Covid context where monetary conditions have been widely modified.

The strategic development policies of governments occupy a central place in the reflections of the researchers in this area: inequalities and their relationship with economic development, the political polarization and the growth of democracies and its effect on the quality of public policies, education policies, university segregation and the level of qualifications, the relationship between diversity and the level of education, as well as the policies supporting R&D.

In addition, together with associate researchers and members of the CRECC scientific committee, the team works on new models of cooperation between the EU and the Southeast Mediterranean region that are expected to promote a radical rethinking of the energy strategies of these countries, with an emphasis on sustainability and efficiency policies.

Through theoretical frameworks, research in this area also aims to study uncertainty in markets and the effects of energy transition policies. In addition, it explores the evolution of energy performance taking into account a full range of factors: climate, economic context, financial interest and regulatory policy.

Our researchers publish articles in prestigious international academic journals, such as Journal of International Money and Finance, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Finance Research Letters.