Economics, Energy & Policy

The work of researchers from the Economics, Institutions and Technological Change department is structured around 3 main themes.


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Environment and economic policy

Few topics generate as much debate as climate change and the role of the State in tackling it. As a result, there are strong differences between countries in terms of economic policies, especially energy policies, which generate frustration among stakeholders when making international comparisons. This leads to asking a series of questions about the effects and choices of economic policies. How do businesses and consumers respond to fossil fuel taxes? What policy should be adopted for the energy transition? What are the effects on voting and political and social stability?

Firms internationalization and innovation

Firms today are facing profound changes in the global economy and in particular the increasing internationalization of economic activities which affect their behavior. The internationalization movement is stimulated by the integration of markets, technological change and by the role of emerging countries in the global economy. How does the economic environment of emerging markets affect corporate strategies? How does innovation change market structures? What economic model for intangible goods? What is the impact of the internationalization of companies on their performance?

Labor market transformation

Technological change is revolutionizing the job market everywhere in the world. The economic situation and the institutional context are both a cause but also an accelerator of changes in the labor market. What are the new changes in work? What developments in contractual forms and in the regulation of employment? Will work lose its unit of time and place? Will freelancers supplant employees? How does digital and artificial intelligence impact the job market?

The contribution of the researchers of Paris School of Business enables economic actors to optimize their decisions through a better understanding of risks and transformations in the global economy.