Economic and Financial Performance

Researchers of the Economic and financial performance department is organized around four main thèmes : Financial Performance, Firms' Internationalization, Innovation and Creativity, and Monetary and Fiscal Policies.

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Financial Performance

Investors have imperfect information on companies, especially at the time of IPOs. Financial analysts play a crucial role by ensuring the dissemination of information to the public. This leads to a series of questions about the effects of information asymmetries.


Firms' Internationalization

Nowadays firms face profound changes in the global economy which affect their behavior and in particular they face the increasing internationalization of economic activities. The movement of internationalization is driven by market integration and the role of emerging countries in the global economy. This raises a number of questions.

These issues are addressed by mobilizing both theoretical skills, and empirical econometric techniques applied to micro and macro data.

Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and creativity play a major role in business strategies. In a contect of increasingly competitive they represent one of the priorities of industrial policy. However, the mechanisms at work are complex and raise significant questions.

Research in this field is based on theoritical models, and provides empirical contributions from case studies, survey or numerical simulations.

Monetary and Fiscal Policies

The subprime crisis highlighted the importance of monetary and fiscal policies. This crisis of sovereign debt in the euro area is an example. The new economic context requires a revival in the study of the behavior of fiscal and monetary authorities.

These issues are addressed by applying economic modeling techniques.