Associate Professor

Clémence Aubert-Tarby is Associate Professor at PSB Paris School of Business. Her research focuses on labour economics and Media Industry Management. She got a PhD from University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in 2010.

Associate Professor

Sylvaine Castellano is an Associate professor of Management at PSB Paris School of Business in France. She received her doctoral degree in Management from the University of Luxemburg. Her research interests include institutional and competitive dynamics; and entrepreneurship.

Associate Professor

Vincent Dutot is an associate professor and co-Head of Chair D-Cube at Paris School of Business, Paris, France. He holds a Ph.D from Laval University (Canada). His areas of research are in social media, e-reputation, IT strategy, and strategic fit, mainly for SMEs.

Assistant Professor

Karim ERRAJAA PSB is Associate Professor at Paris School of Business and Head of Marketing and Value Creation research department. His research focuses on the behavior and consumer experiences in stores, sensory approach and research methods.

Associate Professor

Judith Partouche is Associate Professor and head of the Marketing and Value Creation research department at Paris School of Business. She teaches Marketing and related topics in Bachelor and Master Degree Programs.

Associate Professor

Charles Perez has received is PhD of University of technology of Troyes in 2014. He is currently associate professor at PSB Paris School of Business. Engineer, doctor and entrepreneur in computer science. Charles is specialized in data science.