Coup de tabac sur les relations israélo-turques

Frédéric ENCEL

Turkey and Israel formed a strategic partnership in 1996, one that proved to be very fruitful for more than a decade. But these bilateral relations have very much cooled over the last two years, largely because of Turkey. Ankara's new attitude is due to several factors, including the reluctance of pro-Israeli lobbyists in Washington to support Turkish positions (as they had done in the past), plus the multiple benefits of closer relations with Syria (collaboration between intelligence services, improved image of Turkey in the eyes of Arab countries, satisfying public opinion, which prefers closeness to Damascus to friendship with Israel, etc.). Furthermore, Turkey has become disillusioned with the West, largely due to Western reluctance to accept Turkey's aims to become part of Europe. Yet the 1996 partnership is still in force and, despite current differences, it is not impossible that the two allies could once again move closer.

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Scientific Article
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Politique internationale