Dans quelle mesure les accords d'entreprise permettent-ils de réduire les risques liés au télétravail?

Nicolas DUFOUR

The 2017 french laws deal with the implementation of telework. Now the signature of a business
agreement is no longer mandatory. It seems legitimate then to question the interest in negotiating
such an agreement for the deployment of telework. The article questions the influence of a company
agreement on control risks, lack of disconnection and increased workload, and the impact on
autonomy. The empirical part is based on an analysis of the content of 5 collective agreements and
16 interviews. The main argument of this article is that signing an agreement, creates a normative
framework that helps to reassure employees, to assert their rights and duties. The perception of
autonomy and control, on the other hand, depends more on the managerial relationship. The
employees themselves develop a form of self-control. The agreement helps to develop a protective

Publication type: 
Scientific Article
Date de parution: 
Revue de l'Organisation Responsable