Innovative medical tourism - Healing the patient or seducing the consumer ? A european focus


while greater attention has been paid to medical tourism over the last decade, many questions remains. First, the lack of reliable data regarding the size and evolution of this market leads to speculation about its benefits and its isks. Second, we explore the impact of industry globalization and the development of mass medical tourism. Third, in such a context, we investigate a shift and we observe the emergence of a doctor-to-consumer paradigm here
technology-driven innovations play a major role in creating a customer-centred model. We particularly investigate the shift from Doctor-to-Patient to Doctor-to-Consumer in the European context. Finally, we identify the pportunities and dilemmas resulting from such a shift. Behind these important questions lies a major debate: does this market target regular consumers or specific patients?

Publication type: 
Scientific Article
Date de parution: 
Journal of Euromarketing