Logistique inverse et RSE: l'impact des choix stratégiques sur la performance des entreprises

Wissal BEN ARFI, Lubica Hikkerova, Jean-Michel Sahut

The company's responsibilities are complex and multidimensional, covering various areas of both the internal and
external environments. In this paper, we focus on one of
the key issues, related to corporate social responsibility:
supply chain management. In particular, we are applying
a qualitative method based on a multiple case study, to
investigate how companies combine their reverse logistic
practices with CSR. We analyze the impacts of these strategic choices on their performance. The results reveal the
considerable challenges and barriers faced by companies
in balancing the economic benefits and the objectives of reverse logistics to ensure a rigor CSR approach. The findings
have been confirmed by the lack of financial performance
and an economic objective limited to reduce risks, especially environmental ones.

Publication type: 
Scientific Article
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Question (s) de management