Mean variance hedging under multiple defaults risk

Stephane GOUTTE, Sebastien CHOUKROUN, Armand NGOUPEYOU

We solve a mean-variance hedging problem in an incomplete market where multiple defaults can occur. For this purpose, we use a default-density modeling approach. The global market information is formulated as a progressive enlargement of a default-free Brownian filtration, and the dependence of the default times is modelled using a conditional density hypothesis. We prove the quadratic form of each value process between consecutive default times and recursively solve systems of coupled quadratic backward stochastic differential equations (BSDEs). We demonstrate the existence of these solutions using BSDE techniques. Then, using a verification theorem, we prove that the solutions of each subcontrol problem are related to the solution of our global mean-variance hedging problem. As a byproduct, we obtain an explicit formula for the optimal trading strategy. Finally, we illustrate our results for certain specific cases and for a multiple defaults case in particular.

Publication type: 
Scientific Article
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Stochastic Analysis and Applications