Microfinance as social entrepreneurship : a case study in Morocco

Heger GABTENI, Adil BAMI, Ghasem SHIRI

This paper aims to evaluate microfinance foundations in the context of social entrepreneurship. Based on European approach of social entrepreneurship as well as BOP 2.0 protocol of social business, we proposed a conceptual framework to analyze the micro finance foundation activities. Our model contains two main blocks: the financing process perceived by beneficiairies (individual or enterprise) and the impact of micro finance on the economic and social situation of benefiviaries. we verified our conceptual model by a case study method. Using face to face in depth interview we study three cases of micro finance provided by el Karama foudation in Morocco. We observed a significant impact of microfinance on socio economic situation of beneficiaries, particularly the women. The foundation provides micro credit to disadvantaged peoples and uses an innovative method to decrease the risk. We also remarked that voluntary social capital initiations are absents in microfinance foundation activities.

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Academic communication
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