Management and Strategy

The mission of the Management and Strategy research department is to develop and to promote new approaches to management.

We focus on intra-organizational factors particularly knowledge, innovation; as well as individual and collective practices. We also aim to understand the relationships between firms and their environment through competitive and institutional processes. Research within Management and Strategy is multidisciplinary and is based on two main topics.

Head of department

Associate Professor Research

Organizational Dynamics

This subject examines the factors that explain organizational performance from knowledge and innovation perspective. Knowledge is a key issue for companies. Our research focuses on knowledge creation (ideation, creativity) and its role in the management of innovation. We also study knowledge transfer and dynamic capabilities in different contexts such as entrepreneurial intention, transmission. Our research is finally interested in explaining organizational performance and strategic alignment by analyzing intangible assets; and by collecting, analyzing, and transforming data.

Competitive Dynamics

This line of research studies competitive and institutional dynamics in order to analyze the firms and the environment in which they operate. We need to understand and explain business practices by taking into consideration the economic and societal dimensions. Companies are constantly evaluated by diverse and demanding stakeholders. Firms need to adapt to their environment. Collaborative strategies and customer-supplier relationship in the context of globalization are themes particularly studied. Finally, our research focuses on new practices, including ethical issues and corporate social responsibility.