The letter from the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Carole Simonnet, Associate professor at PSB Paris School of Business






Dear all,

Just some words at the end of this year to thank you for your sincere and joyful engagement for the Corporate Social Responsibility!

The CSR at PSB is something which close to our heart and concerns all of us : administrative assistants, professors, reseachers and students.

Since september, we have shared some moments each month to symbolise our involvement in human causes : in october, it was the month of women with the action « Pink october »,

in November with the action « Movember » and thanks to the association GduCoeur and the generosity of the students, december was dedicated for instance to the future humanitarian mission M’Bour with a particular lunch whose funding were donated to the project in may.

In fact, we can be particularly proud of our student association « GduCoeur » : the students who composed the team are very involved and proposed many actions and projects to help people who are in need. At the onset of winter, they have already organised a collect of clothes and the 6 of december, at the evening, they met homeless person in the street to exchange and give them some covers. And many others usefull actions for a better world are coming !

PSB is also proud of the involvement of its new ambassador of Impact Campus, Adrien Thevenet, student of PGE2, who satisfy a mission to promote ecology and the understanding of each one to this essential issue. He has presented a debate the 7 of december on the campus for « the night of debates », an event organised by the city hall and Impact Campus. Congratulations !

And to conclude with engagement which has one more a sense, our parternships for the research personify our deep link with notions of responsibility and ethics : from january 2019, we are going to work with the Institute Rafael who guide people who had a cancer to rediscover a sense in their life. Moreover, we will collaborate with the association APESA which help entrepreneurships who experienced the failure. Different profiles of researchers will reflect together to understand and find solutions to improve these precious life.

I wish you a merry christmas and we meet again in 2019 to continue the CSR adventure together !

Carole Simonnet, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility PSB