By Héger Gabteni, Associate Professor at PSB Paris School of Business, Head of Pedagogical Innovation 

As part of its educational innovation policy, PSB Paris School of Business has chosen to integrate experiential and immersive learning into its educational project in order to promote and develop the student experience.

Thus, during the past academic year, we have integrated at different stages of the Grande Ecole Program, the use of Bloomberg terminals located in our Bloomberg Finance Lab, allowing students to work collaboratively around financial issues and extra -financials, while developing the mastery of a tool used by finance professionals around the world. Our students were also encouraged to validate the Bloomberg Market Concepts, an aptitude test certifying a mastery of the fundamental concepts inherent in the financial markets and the operation of the terminal. Thus, for the academic year 2018/2019, 615 students of Master 1 of the Master in Management Program have validated the BMC; about 80% of the promotion. PSB Paris School of Business recently became a privileged partner of Bloomberg by obtaining the Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner (Bloomberg ELP). This label recognizes academic institutions that have developed innovative teaching methods that allow students to acquire professional and professional tools.

The goal pursued through this immersive learning is to promote learning by skill and not just knowledge.

Convinced of the importance of Learning by doing and immersive learning, PSB Paris School of Business has embarked on the creation of a Learning Lab. The PSB Learning Lab aims to be a collaborative learning space, a crossroads of meetings and exchanges of different but no less complementary communities: students, companies, schools, partners, stakeholders in the broad sense ... Are included in this Learning Lab, virtual reality experiences that have been associated with the students as part of the Marketing Lessons. Beyond the only immersive learning experience, we have the ambition to test and evaluate the achievement of learning objectives at the end of this experience. We also chose to test the satisfaction of post-experience students by developing a research methodology that combines evaluation and satisfaction surveys.

PSB Paris School of Business is pursuing its digitization policy aimed at improving the educational experience of both students and faculty members. The objective is to lead a transition and change of posture from a knowledge acquisition dynamic to a more collaborative and participative learning dynamic, integrating reflections and exchanges between the various stakeholders.

The importance of soft skills in a constantly changing environment is well established. Indeed, companies are more and more waiting for qualified profiles and no longer just knowing. As such, PSB will propose at the next school year, a portfolio of seminars oriented around the awareness and development of soft skills by PSB students: emotional intelligence, critical thinking, non-violent communication, teamwork, creativity will be so on the menu of the next academic year!