Partnership between Institut Rafaël et Living Health Research Chair

Partnership between Institut Rafaël et Living Health Research Chair

Judith Partouche, Associate Professor, Director of Living Health Research Chair at PSB Paris School of Business

The activities of the Living Health Chair are focused on understanding and optimizing the patient experience, for innovative and integrative care approaches centered on the individual and its well-being, a major concern of Institut Rafaël. The patient experience places the individual and the human relationship at the heart of the care journey, when accompanying patients and caregivers during treatments, during healing and beyond, during reconstruction and social rehabilitation. A global approach of the patient experience is thus privileged, mobilizing the contributions of several disciplines, in order to create value-creating interactions, for the patients, the professionals of health and the caregivers.

The question of interactions with patients makes all the more sense when it comes to coping with cancer. On the one hand, because the disease involves multiple interactions that can be a source of anxiety, and at the same time, opportunities to feel better, more serene, and stronger in the face of the disease. On the other hand, because the trauma induced by diagnosis and treatment makes the human approach indispensable in the accompaniment of patients. The comprehensive care offered by Institut Rafaël works in this direction for a more personalized approach.

The partnership established between Institut Rafaël and the Living Health Chair thus consists in using the expertise of PSB researchers to optimize the patient experience and programs offered by Institut Rafaël. Studies are carried out regularly for this purpose. The scientific rigor provided by researchers in the collection and analysis of data makes it possible to propose reliable and relevant recommendations for the well-being of all the actors. As part of the Chair, the constant confrontation of different points of view - experts, professionals, academics, leaders - allows a regular production of innovative and relevant studies according to the needs and expectations of patients and health professionals. To date, the activities of the Chair are articulated around various strategic axes, such as: the determinants of an optimal patient experience and the effects on the well-being and the quality of life, the co-creation of value during the interactions, the role of digital tools in the service of health, innovations in the accompaniment of patients. The Chair also coordinates the creation of educational tools to ensure the dissemination of knowledge from research work to students.

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