SERIOUS GAMES FORUM 2018 with the contribution of the PSB and the D3 Chair

PSB Paris School of Business and D3 Chair join the Serious Games Forum which will take place on December 3rd at the Ecole Militaire

The association organizes the first forum in France dedicated to the uses of wargaming for the sectors of defense, civil and research with a meaningful contribution of Disruptive Digital Data to the project.

This is the opportunity to meet a panel of actors from various backgrounds who design and use these board games easy to implement and produce, sometimes with digital support. It is also an event to connect with other participants who already use these tools.

Contact :

Dr Charles Perez, Associate Professor at PSB, Head of D3 Chair


PSB Workshop on Governance and Diversity, CCPI, 20th June, 2018

Workshop on Governance and Diversity

This full day workshop was dedicated to presentation and discussion of papers on governance and diversity topical issue with the ambition to bring together recent advances in academic research on this theme.

Organised by Dr Héger Gabteni and Dr Nathalie Bitbol-Saba, Associate Professors at PSB, the Governance and Diversity Workshop welcomed theoretical and empirical, qualitative and quantitative papers, from varied viewpoints and contexts. 

Submissions in management, economics, finance, strategy as well as human ressource management that examine governance through the lens of diversity and in its various dimensions were also welcome. 

Thanks to all participants for the great contribution !

Contacts :

Dr Héger Gabteni, Associate Professor PSB

Dr Nathalie Bitbol-Saba, Associate Professor PSB


The great success of 46th Congress of the Uplegess at PSB Paris School of Business

The 46th Congress of the Uplegess at PSB realized from June 6th to 9th on the theme: Teaching cultural languages in the European Higher Education Area: Assessment and perspectives 20 years after the declaration of the Sorbonne (1998-2018 ) has been a real success.

It brought together 137 participants, including 37 leading management schools, 14 engineering colleges, 8 French universities, 1 foreign university (LAVAL, Québec), 21 teacher-researchers.

Thanks to all participants !


WETICE 2018 at PSB Paris School of Business

27th IEEE International Conference on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises

June 27th-29th, 2018 Campus Cluster Paris Innovation

PSB Paris School of Business and D3 Chair with EFREI Paris organise the 27th Edition of WETICE, an annual International conference on state-of-the-art research in enabling technologies for collaboration, consisting of a number of cognate conference tracks.

What sets WETICE apart from larger conferences is that the conference tracks are kept small enough to promote fruitful discussions on the latest technology developments, directions, problems, and requirements.

Each track includes paper presentations and group discussions while the keynote sessions and summary of discussions take place in joint sessions.

Contact :

Dr Charles Perez, associate professor at PSB, head of D3 Chair



Gaël Bertrand, Associate Professor at PSB
13th-15th October, 2016
Novancia - 3 rue Armand Moisan, 75015 Paris

Education professionals and coaches (researchers, practitioners, network leaders, project managers, sociologists ...) will take advantage of this workshop on a day, to capture new trends and get tips for developing their entrepreneurship practices, especially for young and student’s people. This workshop will be an opportunity to debate the measures introduced recently in France to get the measure of the work accomplished.

For more information :

ESB Chair


Valérie Mérindol, David W. Versailles, Professors at PSB,
Co-heads of the NewPIC Chair
Ignasi Capdevila, Alexandra Le Chaffotec, Nicolas Aubouin,
Associate Professors at PSB, members of the NewPIC chair
20th October, 2016 de 14:00 - 17:30
Campus Cluster Paris Innovation

To celebrate the launching of the White Book on Open Labs, ANRT and newPIC organize a presentation day on PSB campus. The newPIC chair and the ANRT / FutuRIS team have already started presentations about the White Book results at seminars and conferences with the industry and in academic networks. This time it will be presented to 60 guests from academia, public and private.

This event will give the opportunity to present the main results developed in the White Book, with a special focus on Corporate Open Labs and on the strategies developed with open labs in the industry.

NewPic Chair

IBG Annual Conference - London, "Open Creative Labs. Curated encounters for creativity, work and resilience"

Valérie Mérindol, David W. Versailles, Professors at PSB

September 2016 - Special session 

  • Co organized with Suntje Schimdt, Leibnitz Institute for regional Development, Germany
  • Fifteen papers presented by European researchers. 

NewPic Chair

Academic Workshop, Barcelona, “Coworkers, Makers, Hackers, Fabbers: main trends in Barcelona”

September 2016 

  • Co-organized with Montserrat PAREJA-EASTAWAY, UB Universitat de Barcelona Francois, Xavier de VAUJANY, University Paris Dauphine, Julie FABBRI, EM Lyon Business School
  • 25 European researchers 

NewPic Chair

A Big Thank You to All Who Participated In Making All for One Conference A Success!

PSB Paris School of Business, the Chair D³ and the Institut Louis Bachelier invited you to the Conference ALL FOR ONE - The Crowdfunding & Big Data organized on 17th March 2016 at 14:00 (Campus Cluster Paris Innovation).

This event was designed to bring together the financial players around the participatory finance, in order to highlight how it transforms their business.

Who is the Workshop for?

Directly involved:

- Large companies and finance consulting firms
- Start-ups of the FinTech

The Big Data Workshop is an opportunity to bring together the community of digital professionals:
- Main Banks
- Start-ups in the FinTech
- Agencies, service providers, advisors
- Specialized Media
- Teachers-researchers
- Associations of professionals.

For more information visit:


EACD Coaching Day in Lisbon: "Integrating Reputation and e-Reputation Management"

Vincent DUTOT, Associate Professor and Co-Head Chair D-Cube at Paris School of Business

Lisbon, on June 3rd from 09:30am-12:30pm.

The topic: "Integrating Reputation and e-Reputation Management".

“Reputation is the echo you leave in the room, it’s what people say about you when you’re not there”, Grace Killelea. How is your brand being perceived through your walk the talk storytelling? In today’s mobile-digital world, how are you managing your integrated reputation on both online & offline levels? This is the challenge that our top notch speakers have addressed in the 3rd Lisbon Coaching Day, sharing knowledge, tools and best practices over the issue of building Sterling Integrated Reputations.

Vincent Dutot talked about: Social Media and e-reputation: can we still control our actions? He'll go with 5 false ideas about digital, what happens in 60 sec on the web, social media strategy and engagement, social CRM and e-reputation.


8th International Conference Economic Challenges in Enlarged Europe, Tallinn University of Technology

Yannick Lucotte, associate professor at PSB Paris School of Business

The 8th international conference "Economic Challenges in Enlarged Europe" took place from 19 – 21 June 2016 in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

This conference series was organised by Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration of the Tallinn University of Technology in collaboration with Eesti Pank (Central Bank of Estonia), Society for the Study of Emerging Markets (USA) and Association for the Study of East European Economies and Cultures (USA).

The conference aimed to bring together academics as well as practitioners to discuss topical issues and disseminate high quality research in economics, finance and business with a focus on European economies.

Yannick Lucotte presented two articles:

"Central banks' preferences and banking sector vulnerability” and “Is there a competition-stability trade-off in European banking? “.


WORKSHOP/ ISTANBUL - Social Media Intelligence for Small and Medium Enterprises-2nd Edition

Date and Time: June 11 or 12, 2016, Half-Day Event, Room(TBA)

Vincent Dutot, France (
Elaine Mosconi, Sherbrooke University, Canada (

Social Media is already very well-known and widely used in the professional world. Researchers and scientists are focusing more and more deeply in this area (Dutot, 2013; Castelló and Ros, 2012; Proulx et al., 2012). But there is still a great deal of misunderstanding as to how it can be used effectively by business organizations, and especially for small and business enterprises (SME). There are many claims that social media is essential to business, but understanding the hard science behind how this relatively new technology can create solid ROI or generate efficient CRM can be confusing.

This workshop intended to focus on but not limited to the following themes applied on SME context:

  • Social Media Management for SMEs
  • Business intelligence and CRM
  • Metrics and their effectiveness in social media intelligence
  • Social Media adoption and SMEs' performance
  • Social media intelligence strategy
  • Knowledge transfer in SMEs

AIMS WORKSHOP - Micro-foundations of dynamic capabilities

Valérie Merindol, David W. Versailles, Associate Professors at PSB Paris School of Business

with Agusti Canals University Oberta de Catalunya

The workshop was  organized by the newPIC chair and Kimo Research group at UOC as a part of the program of AIMS research group "Resources, Competences and Dynamic Capabilities". It lasted two days:  22 and 23th march 2016 and It  has been hold in the Campus cluster Innovation. This workshops  focused on the investigation of the micro-foundations in dynamic capabilities 26 communications have been presented during the sessions confronting theoretical research with field research investigations, either on public or private organization. Teppo Felin (Said Business School) presented the methodological perspectives on microfoundations and Patrick Cohendet (HEC Montréal) presented the links between two concepts: Dynamic capabilities and the ideas based organization. With two guest speakers: Patrick Cohendet, Professor at HEC Montreal and Teppo Felin, Said Business School. Special Issue in Management International.

The Third International Conference on E-Technologies and Business on the Web

Sponsored by the The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications, the chair of Digital Business and the Research Lab of PSB PARIS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, The Third International Conference on e-Technologies and Business on the Web (EBW2015) was held at the PSB, Paris, France on March 26-28, 2015. The conference focused on interdisciplinary conference on digital business and consumer behavior.

EBW2015 provided opportunities for the delegates to share the knowledge, ideas, innovations and problem solving techniques that focuses on Interdisciplinary conference on digital business and consumer behavior.

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