SUCCESS4ALL project: E-course on Entrepreneurship Skill - an inclusive education approach

The project will answer two serious needs in the EU HE sector:
– the need to modernise the educational products offered by HEIs to disabled students using modern technologies such as virtual learning materials.
- the need to provide to European students an easily accessible learning tool to gain additional skills during their studies in HEIs which will increase their competitiveness on the labour market on a long term basis.
An important number of results will be generated by the SUCCESS4ALL project. The most significant results are:
- An innovative SUCCESS4ALL methodology adapted to the requirements of both the primary and secondary target audiences will be developed. It will heavily draw on entrepreneurship, e-learning and pedagogical best practices as well as focus on inclusive education and the adaptation such an approach requires. The SUCCESS4ALL methodology will be developed in a way to allow for easy transferability of the project’s approach to other EU e-learning courses employing an inclusive education approach. Thus, it will ensure the future transferability of the project’s results.
- An open access, free and EU-wide accredited e-learning course developed in English which will provide students with innovative and up-to-date entrepreneurship training programme, including real-life case studies and capstone project. - Three validated and nationally accredited versions of the e-learning course which are linguistically and culturally adapted to the national entrepreneurship context and legislation of France, Latvia and Bulgaria.
- An e-learning platform which addresses usability and accessibility issues in its technical designs and provides an optional module specifically targeted to the different business environment which disabled entrepreneurs face. Additionally, the project will have the following impacts:
- Promotion of entrepreneurial thinking and stronger entrepreneurship skillset (transversal skill) among students especially encouraging students with disabilities in Europe.
- Contributing to the profileration of an inclusive education approach to the integration of disabled students in higher education and providing a solution for social inclusion by attracting disabled students to the SUCCESS4ALL e-learning project
- Improving the relevance and quality of higher education by developing, testing and validating a course on the pertinent topic of entrepreneurship, adapted for disabled people as well.
- Contributing to the integration of teaching entreprneuership in higher education.
- Raising awareness of the need and opportunities for business and industry in employing handicapped young people, addressing their needs and also utilisng their specific potential;
- Promoting innovative IT technologies and stimulating modernization within HE products through the development of high quality open-source training course through a virtual platform.
- Acting as a solution to decrease EU youth employment by stimulating self-employment and startup setting up. DETAILS