International Symposium Entrepreneurship Research Past, Present & Future

On 10th May 2017 begins the International Entrepreneurship Workshop with Trish Patricia Cotter, Associate Managing Director Martin Trust Center for MIT, Director Delta V Accelerator, as a Keynote Speaker.

Editors in chief : Professor Mustafa Ozbilgin, EMR

                        Professor Robert Blackburn, ISBJ

                        Professor George Solomon, ISBM

The future researches on cognition, behavior, gender and diversity, CCPI, PSB Paris School of Business

On 11th May 2017 will take place the rounde table during the Conference Entrepreneurship Research Past, Present & Future with the special international guests Malin Brannback, Alan Carsrud, Candida Brush, William Gartner & Benson Honig
(Leaded by Denis Gregoire).

"L'Europe au milieu du gué", Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, UNIVERSITE PARIS 1 PANTHEON SORBONNE

On the 7th February 2017, Agnès Bénassy-Quéré will be coming to PSB Paris School of Business for a conference about Europe.

"Doing Business in North America. Canadian perspectives", IMBA Program, Prof. Benoit Chalifoux, UQAM UNIVERSITY, CANADA

On the 20 - 21th October 2016, PSB Paris School of Business will have an honour to receive Prof. Chalifoux who will teach our students the distinctive characteristics of American Markets.

"Customer Relationship Management", Prof. Harold BOECK, UNIVERSITY OF QUEBEC, CANADA

On the 8 - 10th February 2016, Prof. Boeck will analyse on behalf of Digital Business students relevant CRM data and focuse on Innovation Management and Marketing.

"A Comprehensive View on Financial Risk Management", Prof. Hans-Peter Burghof, HOHENHEIM UNIVERSITY 

PSB Paris School of Business recevra lundi 2 mai 2016 Prof. Hans-Peter Burghof, enseignant chercheur et titulaire de la chaire Banking and Financial Services auprès de notre université partenaire de Hohenheim en Allemagne pour une conférence suivie d'une discussion de recherche.

Pour plus d’informations :

“Meta-Analysis and Facet Meta Theory” The Research Seminar, on 28th April 2016 with special guest Mr Jacob Hornik, Dean of Business School at the Peres Academic Center 

An overview of Facet Theory, a systematic approach to facilitate theory construction, research design, and data analysis for complex studies. Facet Theory is appropriate to marketing theories and particularly consumer behavior. In Facet Theory, the definition of the behavioral domain facilitates the rationale for hypothesizing structural relationships among variables employed in a research study. The use of Facet Theory and conceptual tools like the “mapping sentence” and “universe of content,” is shown to provide new insights into existing consumer data. It allows for the diagnosis and discrimination of consumers' behavioral traits and makes the generalization and replication of findings easier

The research and consulting efforts of Jacob Hornik have centered on persuasive effects-marketing communications and survey research methodology. He published four books and over sixty scientific articles pertaining to media selections, advertising repetition, the impact of various copy appeals, consumption of time, marketing and consumer behavior, etc. His publications appear in leading journals including the Journal of Marketing Research; Journal of Marketing; Journal of Consumer ResearchOperations Research; Marketing LettersJournal of Business & Economic Statistics; and Journal of Advertising Research.

Professor Hornik taught and lectured at the University of Chicago; Kellogg-Northwestern University; New York University; University of Washington at Seattle; Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok); Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Bocconi University–Milan; Erasmus Rotterdam; Universidad Catolica De Chile, European School of Business- London, and various professional meetings in the U.S.A, Europe and the Far East.

The Strategy & Management Department is holding a Research Seminar with 3 international guest speakers on 25th February from 14:00 to 16:00 in Room 38 with:

Part 1
Rosa Lombardi - Assistant Professor of Accounting at Link Campus University in Rome (Italy).
Rosa will present her works on 'Intellectual Capital and Business Assessment.’ Her article is entitled "Research Perspectives on Corporate Reputation and Company's Performance Measurement"
Part 2
Pedro Soto-Acosta - Associate Professor of Management at the University of Murcia (Spain)
Manlio Del Giudice – Assistant Professor of Management at Link Campus University in Rome (Italy).
Pedro and Manlio are either the Associate Editor or Senior Editor in various CNRS-classified journals in Economics, Management and Marketing (Decision Sciences, Journal of the Knowledge Economy, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, Journal of Knowledge Management, etc.). They will answer our questions about the research process (organization of special issues, 'hot topics', impact factor, etc.).
These researchers’ work is particularly concentrated in the following fields: Innovation, IT, Knowledge Management, and Human Capital.

During this event, we investigate the interaction between diferent misalignments: in Current Account (CA), Real Exective Exchange Rates (REERs) and financial gaps in a EU perspective. The main aim of the research seminar is to identify the direction of the transmission across these macroeconomic and financial variables, and above all to analyze more in depth the impact of foreign capital in‡ows. The panel VAR setup gives the opportunity to look at the Impulse Response Functions (IRFs) in case of diferent shocks.

RESEARCH SEMINAR : Harold BOECK - 7th April, 2016 
This event is organized by the Management and Strategy and Marketing and Value Creation Research Department with the special guest, Professor Boeck from ESG UQAM. 
Subject : Considérations pragmatiques lors de l’intégration du commerce électronique au magasinage physique : développement de la « Proximité Connective »