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Le placement de marques dans les films : vecteur de communication transgénérationnelle ?

Olivier LAMOTTE, Jean-Marc LEHU

Using 15 different movies on DVD, spontaneous recall and assisted recall of brand placements in a movie are compared for a group of 1,000 seniors (50 years old individuals and older) and a group of 2,063 juniors (20 years old individuals and younger).

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Le travail à la tâche comme modèle dominant ? Le cas des pigistes en France

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Lente acquisition de la pratique et construction de l'expérience : vers une gérontocratie organisationnelle ?


Willing to go further than the commonplace according to which younger people are able to adapt more rapidly than seniors, we feel obligated to remind that the goal of learning is not so much about speed than it is about mastering knowledge for action.

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Les défis énergétiques

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Lettre à Jack Lang, émissaire spécial à cuba

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Marketing et résistance(s) des consommateurs

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Marketing to 'Seniors' in France and the UK: an approach to e-communication

Gloria-Anne MOSS, Catharina WULF

The proportion of the Seniors generation using the Internet in France and the UK is steadily increasing.

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Mobile TV : new content, new uses, new perspectives ?

Catherine LEJEALLE