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De la famille aux familles

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De la reconnaissance officielle de génocide arménien par Israel

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Dealing with human capital: a critical stake for social auditing and firms growth in the digital era

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Des frappes sur l'Iran?

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Des outils pour la simulation économique : Jan Tinbergen et l'émergence des modèles structurels (1935-1940)

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Des réfugiés oubliés par l'Europe

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Does political disintegration lead to trade disintegration? Evidence from transition countries


Recent studies have found that political disintegration is a cause of severe and rapid trade disintegration in former Eastern European countries. This finding somewhat conflicts with another strand of the literature highlighting the fact that trade patterns change relatively slowly.

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Du modèle économique de Spence à la nouvelle sociologie de économique de White

Petronille REME

This paper examines the way in which Harisson White (the sociologist,

founder of the american >), has borrowed from the

economist, Michael Spence, his model of the employer/employee relationship

in asymmetric information situations, and built his own model of markets

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Effects of Fiscal Policies in four European Countries : A Non-linear Structural VAR Approach

Christophe SCHALCK

This paper provides new estimates of the effects of fiscal policies by using a non-linear structural VAR model. This methodology is applied to Belgium, France, Germany and Netherlands cases.