Anthony Moussa

Anthony Moussa

Associate Professor
Anthony Moussa holds a Ph. D in Marketing from the IAE-Aix Marseille University. He teaches courses in both marketing and management. His research topics concern brand heritage, processing fluency, as well as consumer perception of brand innovations.



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  • Strategic management
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  • Marketing and Communication




Academic communication
Title Authors Source Date
Consumers' response to branded longevity Anthony Moussa, Virginie DE BARNIER Elviser 10/2018
Branded longevity's effect on processing fluency and brand familiarity. Anthony Moussa 9th International Business Meeting in Research and Management 01/2018
Branded longevity’s effect on processing fluency and brand familiarity Anthony Moussa 7 th International Corporate Heritage Symposium 01/2018
Consumers’ response to longevity branding Anthony Moussa 4éme Journée de Recherche en Marketing du Grand Est, 01/2018
Antecedents and consequences of brand innovativeness Anthony Moussa Elviser 06/2017
Antecedents and consequences of consumer perceived brand innovativeness Anthony Moussa 2ème Journée de l’innovation Abbé Grégoire 01/2017
Are founding dates supraliminal stimuli? Anthony Moussa 3éme Journée de Recherche en Marketing du Grand Est 01/2017
L’innovation sociale est-elle contradictoire avec la notion d’intérêt général? Anthony Moussa 2ème Journée de l’innovation Abbé Grégoire, 01/2017
The Effect of Brand Heritage on Brand Trust, Brand Equity and Brand's Perceived Innovativeness: An Exploratory Research Anthony Moussa Elviser 01/2016
When heritage meets innovativeness: a duality view Anthony Moussa 6th International Symposium on Corporate Heritage 01/2016
Press Article
Title Authors Source Date
« Depuis 1778 » : quand les marques créent de la fausse familiarité Anthony Moussa The Conversation 01/2018