Benjamin CHIAO

Benjamin CHIAO

Full Professor
Benjamin Chiao is full professor and Academic Dean for Asia Programs at PSB Paris School of Business. Previously he was Academic Dean for China DBA Programs, and China Center Director at the Paris School of Business. He is dubbed as a “China Voice”, appearing on CCTVNEWS nearly 100 times recently for audience in 200 countries. He is co-author of Nobel Laureate French economist Jean Tirole. His anti spam economics mechanism has been used by several hundred millions users. His areas include Chinese Economy, Internet Economics, Cultural Finance and Innovation. He was “Star Professor” voted by MBA students in the oldest business university in China. Previously he worked in universities around the globe such as Peking U,NYU,HKUST,and SHUFE. He is a highly experienced consultant for Chinese mayors, EBRD, leading global companies and organizations. He has served his alma mata as an alum president and a special representative. He has raised historic amount of donation. He is enthusiastic in service and has received numerous recognition awards from hospitals, charities, and universities.



  • PhD, Information (graduated in 2010)


  • Professor and China Center Directeur and Academic Dean for China DBA Programs

Teaching department

  • Economics and Business Information


Standards, anti-spam economic mechanisms, open-content economics, Internet management, economics of culture and finance, evaluation mechanisms