Benjamin KEDDAD

Benjamin KEDDAD

Full Professor
Benjamin Keddad is Professor (HDR) at PARIS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. His research focuses on economics and International Finance.



  • HDR, Economics (graduated in 2020)


  • Head of research department, Economic and Financial Performance
  • DBA, Track Manager, Money and Finance

Teaching department

  • Economics and Business Information

Research department

  • Economic and Financial Performance


Application of mathematics, statistical methods, and comuter science to economic data.


Scientific Article
Title Authors Source Date
Evaluating sovereign risk spillovers on domestic banks during the European debt crisis Benjamin KEDDAD, Christophe SCHALCK Economic Modelling 01/2020
How do the Renminbi and other East Asian currencies co-move? Benjamin KEDDAD Journal of International Money and Finance 03/2019
On exchange rate comovements: New evidence from a Taylor rule fundamentals model with adaptive learning Benjamin KEDDAD Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money 05/2017
Long-Run Comovements in East Asian Stock Market Volatility Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DE TRUCHIS Open Economies Review 10/2016
On the risk comovements between the crude oil market and U.S. dollar exchange rates Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DE TRUCHIS Economic Modelling 01/2015
Business cycles synchronization in East Asia : A Markov-switching approach Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DUFRÉNOT Economic Modelling 10/2014
Spillover effects of the 2008 global financial crisis on the volatility of the Indian equity markets : coupling or uncoupling ? A study on sector-based data Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DUFRÉNOT International Review of Financial Analysis 05/2014
Southeast Asian monetary integration : New evidences from fractional cointegration of real exchange rates Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DE TRUCHIS Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money 10/2013
Exchange rate coordination in Asia under regional currency basket systems Benjamin KEDDAD Economics Bulletin 01/2013
Title Authors Source Date
Shift-Volatility Transmission in East Asian Equity Markets: New Indicators Benjamin KEDDAD, Marcel ALOY, Gilles DE TRUCHIS, Gilles DUFRÉNOT Springer Verlag 01/2014