Benjamin KEDDAD

Benjamin KEDDAD

Full Professor
Benjamin Keddad is Professor (HDR) at PARIS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. His research focuses on economics and International Finance.



  • HDR, Economics (graduated in 2020)


  • Head of research department Money adn Finance
  • DBA, Track Manager, Money and Finance

Research department

  • Economic and Financial Performance


Application of mathematics, statistical methods, and comuter science to economic data.


Scientific Article
Title Authors Source Date
The Piggy Bank Index: An intuitive risk measure to assess liquidity and capital adequacy in banks Benjamin KEDDAD, Oliver González Finance Research Letters 02/2024
Asian stock market volatility and economic policy uncertainty: The role of world and regional leaders Benjamin KEDDAD Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 01/2024
Determinants of Deposits Volatility: The Case of the Microfinance Sector in Gabon Benjamin KEDDAD, Jean Robert Obiang Obiang Research in International Business and Finance 10/2023
The influence of the renminbi and its macroeconomic determinants: A new Chinese monetary order in Asia? Benjamin KEDDAD, Kiyotaka Sato Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 07/2022
Exchange rate policy and external vulnerabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa: nominal, real or mixed targeting? Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DUFRÉNOT, Fadia AL HAJJ Applied Economics 01/2021
Emerging markets financial sector debt: A Markov-switching study of interest rate sensitivity Benjamin KEDDAD, M. GUBAREVA International Journal of Finance & Economics 01/2020
Evaluating sovereign risk spillovers on domestic banks during the European debt crisis Benjamin KEDDAD, Christophe SCHALCK Economic Modelling 01/2020
How do the Renminbi and other East Asian currencies co-move? Benjamin KEDDAD Journal of International Money and Finance 03/2019
On exchange rate comovements: New evidence from a Taylor rule fundamentals model with adaptive learning Benjamin KEDDAD Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money 05/2017
Long-Run Comovements in East Asian Stock Market Volatility Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DE TRUCHIS Open Economies Review 10/2016
On the risk comovements between the crude oil market and U.S. dollar exchange rates Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DE TRUCHIS Economic Modelling 01/2015
Business cycles synchronization in East Asia : A Markov-switching approach Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DUFRÉNOT Economic Modelling 10/2014
Spillover effects of the 2008 global financial crisis on the volatility of the Indian equity markets : coupling or uncoupling ? A study on sector-based data Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DUFRÉNOT International Review of Financial Analysis 05/2014
Southeast Asian monetary integration : New evidences from fractional cointegration of real exchange rates Benjamin KEDDAD, Gilles DE TRUCHIS Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money 10/2013
Exchange rate coordination in Asia under regional currency basket systems Benjamin KEDDAD Economics Bulletin 01/2013
Title Authors Source Date
Shift-Volatility Transmission in East Asian Equity Markets: New Indicators Benjamin KEDDAD, Marcel ALOY, Gilles DE TRUCHIS, Gilles DUFRÉNOT Springer Verlag 01/2014