Full Professor
Prof. Manlio Del Giudice is Full Professor of Management at the University of Rome "Link Campus", where he serves as Deputy Chancellor of the LCU Campus of Naples and Director of the CERMES Research Centre. He holds a PhD in Management at the University of Milano-Bicocca and he did build up his academic and scientific career outside of Italy for more than 10 years, in a number of worldwide renewed universities, prior to coming back to Italy on 2014, having won the National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor on 2013. He had been hired as Full Professor on 2018 as one of the 20 youngest professors in Italy, in every scientific sector. He serves as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Knowledge Management and he holds key editorial positions in several international mainstream scientific journals on management. His scholar profile shows more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, about 70 of them ranked in the highest “A Class” within the Italian ANVUR ranking, and 12 international monographs by flagship publishers like Springer, Palgrave Macmillan, Elsevier. His researches have been published or are forthcoming on such flagship top tier peer-reviewed journals ABS ranked like MIS Quarterly (4* Elite), Journal of Organizational Behavior (4*), Journal of World Business (4*), Long Range Planning (3*), IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (3*), Journal of Technology Transfer (3*), Journal of Business Research (3*), R&D Management (3*), Technological Forecasting and Social Change (3*), Production, Planning & Control (3*), International Marketing Review (3*). His studies had been internationally recognized by significant impact, as evidenced by about 7,300 citations and the H-index (= 43) he has received (at November, 2020) and from his about 40 publications in only ABS 3* and 4* Journals in the last three years. His main research interests deal with knowledge management, technology transfer, innovation and technology management.



  • PhD, Marketing (graduated in 2004)


Scientific Article
Title Authors Source Date
A Self-Tuning Model for Smart Manufacturing SMEs: Effects on Digital Innovation Manlio DEL GIUDICE, V SCUOTTO, A PAPA, S. Y. TARBA, S. BRESCIANI, M. WARKENTIN Journal of Product Innovation Management 01/2021
A spill over effect of entrepreneurial orientation on technological innovativeness: an outlook of universities and research based spin offs Manlio DEL GIUDICE, VERONICA SCUOTTO, ALEXEIS GARCIA PEREZ, BEATRICE ORLANDO, FRANCESCO CIAMPI Journal of Technology Transfer 01/2020
Behind ambidextrous search: The microfoundations of search in family and non-family firm Manlio DEL GIUDICE, AMBRA MAZZELLI, ALFREDO DE MASSIS, ANTONIO MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Zaheer KHAN Long Range Planning 01/2020
E-health and wellbeing monitoring using smart healthcare devices: An empirical investigation. Manlio DEL GIUDICE, ARMANDO PAPA, MONIKA MITAL, PAOLA PISANO Technological Forecasting and Social Change 01/2020
International social SMEs in emerging countries: Do governments support their international growth?, Manlio DEL GIUDICE, VERONICA SCUOTTO, SHLOMO TARBA, ANTONIO MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Victor CHANG Journal of World Business 01/2020
Internationalisation business processes in an under-supported policy contexts: evidence from Italian SMEs Manlio DEL GIUDICE, Vahid JAFARI-SADEGHI, DEV K. DUTTA, ALBERTO FERRARIS Business Process Management Journal 01/2020
R&D innovation indicator and its effects on the market. An empirical assessment from a financial perspective. Manlio DEL GIUDICE, DANIELA COLUCCIA, Marina DABI?, STEFANO FONTANA, SILVIA SOLIMENE Journal of Business Research 01/2020
Refining the relation between cause-related marketing and consumers purchase intentions, Manlio DEL GIUDICE, ALBERTO FERRARIS, Balakrishna GRANDHI, VALENTINA CILLO International Marketing Review 01/2020
Searching for resilience: the impact of employee-level and entrepreneur-level resilience on firm performance in small family firms Manlio DEL GIUDICE, GABRIELE SANTORO, ANTONTONIO MESSENI PETRUZZELLI Small Business Economics 01/2020
Self-efficacy and Success of Disadvantaged Entrepreneurs: The Moderating Role of Resilience Manlio DEL GIUDICE, GABRIELE SANTORO, ALBERTO FERRARIS, FRANCESCO SCHIAVONE European Management Review 01/2020
Servant Leadership, CSR Perceptions, Moral Meaningfulness and Organizational Identification: Evidence from the Middle East Manlio DEL GIUDICE, Sophie LYTHREATIS, Ahmed Mohammed Sayed MOSTAFA, V. PEREIRA, Xiaojun WANG International Business Review 01/2020
Strategic agility and international joint ventures: The willingness-ability paradox of family firm Manlio DEL GIUDICE, FRANCESCO DEBELLIS, ALFREDO DE MASSIS, ANTONIO MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, FEDERICO FRATTINI Journal of International Management 01/2020
Supply chain management in the era of circular economy: the moderating effect of big data Manlio DEL GIUDICE, Roberto CHIERICI, Alice MAZZUCCHELLI, Fabio FIANO The International Journal of Logistics Management 01/2020
The Impact of R&D investments on Eco-Innovation: A Cross-Cultural perspective of green technology management Manlio DEL GIUDICE, BEATRICE LUCREZIA ORLANDO, LUCA VINCENZO BALLESTRA, MARCO PIRONTI IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 01/2020
The micro-foundations of strategic ambidexterity: Chinese cross-border M&As, Mid-View thinking and integration management Manlio DEL GIUDICE International Business Review 01/2020
The origins of external knowledge inflows and the impact of university technologie Manlio DEL GIUDICE, ANGELO NATALICCHIO, LORENZO ARDITO, ANTONIO MESSENI PETRUZZELLI R&D MANAGEMENT 01/2020
Top management team shared leadership, market-oriented culture, innovation capability, and firm performance Manlio DEL GIUDICE, Sanjay Kumar SINGH, Shlomo Y. TARBA, Paola DE BERNARDI IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 01/2020
The microlevel actions undertaken by owner?managers in improving the sustainability practices of cultural and creative small and medium enterprises: A United Kingdom–Italy comparison Manlio DEL GIUDICE Journal of Organizational Behavior 01/2017
How are decision systems changing? The contribution of social media to the management of decisional liquefaction. Manlio DEL GIUDICE Journal of Decision Systems 01/2016
Economic Performances and capital structure choices Manlio DEL GIUDICE International Studies of Management and Organization 01/2014