Mehmet ORHAN

Mehmet ORHAN

Associate Professor Research
Dr. Mehmet A. Orhan obtained his PhD degree in organizational psychology at Tilburg University in the Netherlands.



  • PhD in Organizational Psychology (graduated in 2015)


Scientific Article
Title Authors Source Date
Impact of self-leadership and shared leadership on virtual R&D team performance Mehmet ORHAN, S CASTELLANO, K CHANDAVIMOL, I KHELLADI Journal of Business Research 05/2021
Technology distraction at work. Impacts on self-regulation and work engagement Mehmet ORHAN, Sylvaine CASTELLANO, Insaf KHELLADI, Luca MARINELLI, Filippo MONGE Journal of Business Research 03/2021
Exploring the microfoundations of nomadic dynamic capabilities: The example of flying winemakers Mehmet ORHAN, David KALISZ, Sylvaine CASTELLANO, Insaf KHELLADI, Rosella SORIO Technological Forecasting and Social Change 02/2021
Harvesting reflective knowledge exchange for inbound open innovation in complex collaborative networks: an empirical verification in Europe Mehmet ORHAN, A PAPA, R CHIERICI, L. V BALLESTRA, D MEISSNER Journal of Knowledge Management 01/2021
Examining digital brand experiences as a predictor of brand relationship quality and loyalty Mehmet ORHAN, Caleb MACILVAINE International Journal of Marketing, Communication and New Media 12/2020
Pardon my French: On superfluous journal rankings, incentives, and impacts on industrial-organizational psychology publication practices in French business schools Mehmet ORHAN Industrial and Organizational Psychology 09/2020
Creative destruction in science Mehmet ORHAN, T. PFEIFFER, M. JOHANESSON, Anna DREBER, M. GORDON, E. G. CLEMENTE, D. VIGANOLA, K LEAVITT, C. R. EBERSOLE, J HARDY, W TIERNEY, E. L. UHLMANN Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 01/2020
The evolution of the virtuality phenomenon in organizations: A critical literature review Mehmet ORHAN Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review 01/2017
The evolution of the virtuality phenomenon in organizations: A critical literature review. Mehmet ORHAN Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review 01/2017
Invisible, therefore isolated: Comparative effects of team virtuality with task virtuality on workplace isolation and work outcomes. Mehmet ORHAN Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 01/2016
Extending the individual level of virtuality: Implications of task virtuality in virtual and traditional settings. Mehmet ORHAN Administrative Sciences 01/2014
Linking fairness perceptions to turnover intentions in global shared service centers Mehmet ORHAN Journal of Global Strategic Management 01/2011
Bilgisayar kullan?m yetkinli?inin, bilgisayar kullanma tutumu ile ofis programlar? kullanma becerileri üzerine etkisi Mehmet ORHAN Marmara University Journal of Economic & Administrative Sciences 01/2006