Associate Professor
Octavio Escobar is Associate Professor at Paris School of Business. His research focuses on international economics and regional economics issues, including the location of foreign direct investment, export performance, labour productivity, and regional disparities.



  • Doctorate, Economy (graduated in 2009)


  • Head of research department, Economic and Financial Performance

Teaching department

  • Economics and Business Information

Research department

  • Economic and Financial Performance




Scientific Article
Title Authors Source Date
What policies to combat labour informality? Evidence from Mexico Octavio ESCOBAR, Sean DOUGHERTY Applied Economics 01/2019
The impact of technological change on employment: the case of press digitisation Clémence AUBERT-TARBY, Octavio ESCOBAR, Thierry RAYNA Technological Forecasting and Social Change 03/2018
Convenience pricing in online retailing: Evidence from Amazon.com Octavio ESCOBAR, Régis CHENAVAZ, Joeffrey DROUARD, Bruno KAROUBI Economic Modelling 01/2018
Could Mexico become the new ‘China’? Policy drivers of competitiveness and productivity Octavio ESCOBAR, Sean DOUGHERTY European Journal of Comparative Economics 12/2016
Could Mexico Become the 'New China'? Policy Drivers of Competitiveness and Productivity Octavio ESCOBAR, Sean DOUGHERTY OECD Productivity Working Papers 07/2016
Débordements spatiaux dans la productivité du travail au Mexique Octavio ESCOBAR Revue d'Economie Regionale et Urbaine 01/2016
Institutional distance and foreign direct investment Octavio ESCOBAR, Rafael CEZAR Review of World Economics / Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv 01/2015
Population distribution, effective area and economic growth Octavio ESCOBAR, Régis CHENAVAZ Applied Economics 01/2015
The influence of OPEC membership on economic development: A transaction cost comparative approach Octavio ESCOBAR, Alexandra LE CHAFFOTEC Research in International Business and Finance 01/2015
The Determinants of Informality in Mexico's State Octavio ESCOBAR, Sean DOUGHERTY OECD Economics Department Working Papers 04/2013
Foreign direct investment (FDI) determinants and spatial spillovers across Mexico's states Octavio ESCOBAR Journal of International Trade en Economic Development 01/2013
Effective area as a measure of land factor Regis CHENAVAZ, Octavio ESCOBAR Economics Bulletin 01/2012
The (un)lucky neighbour : Differences in export performance across Mexico's states Octavio ESCOBAR Papers in Regional Science 01/2010
Title Authors Source Date
Setting the scene: An overview of Costa Rica's productivity performance Octavio ESCOBAR, Lisa MEEHAN OECD Publishing 01/2018
Academic communication
Title Authors Source Date
Structural Transformation in Mexico: What Is the Role of FDI? Octavio ESCOBAR, Henning MÜHLEN 06/2018
When temperature rises and consumer cool down: impact on pricing and advertising strategies Octavio ESCOBAR, Régis CHENAVAZ, Xavier ROUSSET 06/2017
Multinational Enterprises and Human Rights Violation in Emerging Economies: Behaving like Janus or Prometheus? Octavio ESCOBAR, Olivier LAMOTTE, Pierre-Xavier MESCHI, Ana COLOVIC 04/2017
Could Mexico become the new ‘China’? Policy drivers of competitiveness and productivity Octavio ESCOBAR, Sean DOUGHERTY 01/2017
From Shadow to Light: The Impact of Informal Economy on the Export Propensity of Emerging Economy Firms Octavio ESCOBAR, Olivier LAMOTTE, Ana COLOVIC, Pierre-Xavier MESCHI 06/2016
Could Mexico become the new 'China'? Policy drivers of firm-level competitiveness Octavio ESCOBAR, Sean DOUGHERTY 01/2015
The impact of informal sector inputs on exports : Evidence from Mexican manufacturing firms Olivier LAMOTTE, Octavio ESCOBAR, Ana COLOVIC ATLAS - AFMI 01/2015
The Impact of Press Digitisation on Journalists' Income: Evidence from France Octavio ESCOBAR, Clémence AUBERT-TARBY, Thierry RAYNA 01/2015
The Impact of the Diploma on Journalists' Income Octavio ESCOBAR, Clémence AUBERT-TARBY, Anne BORING 01/2015
Understanding Informality: Sub-National Determinants in Mexico Octavio ESCOBAR, Sean DOUGHERTY 2014 Anual Meeting of the American Economic Association 01/2014
Institutional Distance and FDI Octavio ESCOBAR, Rafael CEZAR ETSG 15th Annual Conference 01/2013
The determinants of informality in Mexico's states Octavio ESCOBAR, Sean DOUGHERTY DIAL Development Conference 01/2013
Regional disparities in Mexico's labor productivity Octavio ESCOBAR The society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics 01/2011
Regional disparities in Mexico's labor productivity Octavio ESCOBAR Institut de Recherche pour le Développement - DIAL 01/2011