Valérie HAIE

Valérie HAIE

Associate Professor Teaching
Graduate with honours of a MBA specialized in Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management, Valérie?Haie has worked in the luxury market for 15 years. Former Head of projects at ABC-Luxe Group, she uses her experience in organizing ultimate luxury study trips and seminars. She is author of the book "Donnez-nous notre luxe quotidian" (Ed. Gualino). In several Business Schools, (INSEEC, PSB, Sup de Pub, Sup de Luxe) she is lecturer about following topics: • “Origins of Luxury: From Ancient Times to nowadays” • “Spa Management, Hospitality & Tourism”, • “Haute-Couture and Ready-to-wear” • “Luxury Craftsmanship” • “New trends in the Luxury retail”. She has also mentored 800 professional projects for about 15 years. Also, thanks to her wide network in Luxury business together with her transversal expertise in training strategies, she has founded her own company, Accent Luxe, whose activities are training, coaching and consulting for luxury brands, among others The Plaza Athénée, The Meurice Hotel, and the leading actors of the Cognac market.



  • Specialized Master, Marketing MBA "Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management" (graduated in 1997)

Teaching department

  • Marketing