Entrepreneurship and Diversity

The research Chair Entrepreneurship and Diversity propose to combine academic world and practitioners to look for creative and innovative solutions in terms of social, sustainability and solidarity.

The team is dedicated to supporting academic research, conferences and skills from various disciplines.This commitment is legitimate and answers to real issues.Our ethic is based on fundamental pedago-managerial values, always concerned about supporting organizations in observing current social and intercultural aspects. We are concerned by the experience sharing and knowledge transfer because it drive us every day and guide our actions.

Head of the chair


Associate Professor Research

Experts Board

  • Stephan Comar, Director, Coopérative Ethiquable
  • Serge Oru, WWF
  • Eric Pliez, CEO, Groupe Aurore
  • Jean-Michel Ricard, Directror, Groupe Siel Bleu
  • Gilles Bouchard, Business Angel
  • David Lozano, CEO, GreenRepublic.fr



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