Diversification in financial and crypto markets

Khaled GUESMI, Myriam BEN OSMAN, Emilios Galariotis, Haykel Hamdi, Kamel NAOUI

This article investigates the conditional value at risk (CVaR) of two portfolio optimiza- tion approaches containing assets from the financial and crypto markets. We first catch the conditional interdependence structure among each variable through the vine-copula-GARCH model before merging it with the Mean-CVaR model. We then optimize each portfolio and find out the optimal allocation while evaluating the precise risk. The results indicate that the D-Vine copula is more suitable for both portfolios and that, when different conditional stock indices information are being taken into consideration, the crypto-market components can act as a weak hedge/safe haven against financial market indices. Furthermore, as CVaR is found to outperform the mean-variance of Markowitz in both portfolios, both risk measures similarly show that when including cryptocurrencies in a portfolio, the S&P 500 shall not be included. Additionally, the inclusion of Ethereum in a portfolio already containing Bitcoin does not boost the return.

Publication type: 
Scientific Article
Date de parution: 
International Review of Financial Analysis