Empirical Investigation into Customer Adoption of Islamic Banking Services In Tunisia

Hassan OBEID, Souheila KAABACHI

This paper seeks to identify the main factors influencing the adoption of Islamic banking by conventional bank customers in Tunisia. Based on a primary data collected by self-administered questionnaires involving a sample of 239 respondents located in Tunis City, the results of this study demonstrate that religious commitment, the amount of information held by consumers about Islamic finance, the relative advantage of Islamic banking and its compatibility with consumer values, lifestyle, and banking habits are predictors of its adoption. However, it is worth noting that social influence does not have any effect on customers’ decisions to use this new banking service. The findings also reveal that there is a general lack of information about the Islamic banking among Tunisian consumers. By identifying the drivers of Islamic banking acceptance among potential adopters, this paper aims to help bank managers target their actions and strategies more effectively.

Publication type: 
Scientific Article
Date de parution: 
Journal of Applied Business Research