Hassan OBEID

Hassan OBEID

Associate Professor Research
Hassan OBEID is a professor of finance at Paris School of Business, he's the head of Economic department and the head of PGE Master Wealth Management. Dr. Obeid is a researcher in Finance, his areas of research include company performance, bank efficiency, ICT and privatization. He is a member of the editorial board for academic journals. Hassan Obeid is an economic analyst and he's a trainer and consultant in Finance.



  • PhD, Business Administration, Finance (graduated in 2006)




Scientific Article
Title Authors Source Date
Assessing the impact of the expansion of pan-African banks and the institution’s quality on African banking stability Hassan OBEID, Stephane GOUTTE, Chawki El Moussawi, Imen Kouki Research in International Business and Finance 05/2024
Herding behavior in exploring the predictability of price clustering in cryptocurrency market Hassan OBEID, Fatima Hachicha, Afif Masmoudi, Ilyes Abid Finance Research Letters 11/2023
Investor Sentiments, Economic Policy Uncertainty, US Interest Rates, and Financial Assets: Examining their Interdependence over Time Hassan OBEID, Kamel Mohammed, Karim Oueslati, Olfa Kaabia Finance Research Letters 11/2023
Analyzing Commodity Futures and Stock Market Indices: Hedging Strategies using Asymmetric Dynamic Conditional Correlation Models Hassan OBEID, Saad Alshammari Finance Research Letters 06/2023
Connectedness between conventional and digital assets amid COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from G7 stocks, Oil and Bitcoin Hassan OBEID, Aymen TURKI, Sahar LOUKIL, Ahmed JERIBI Bankers, Markets&Investors (ex Banque et Marchés) 02/2023
Banks’ capital buffer, profitability and risk of failure: the effect of regulation, supervision and the business cycle Hassan OBEID, F. Ben Bouheni, E. Margarint international journal of entrepreneurship and small business 10/2022
Regulation, supervision and European banking performance Hassan OBEID, F. Ben Bouheni, E. Margarint International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 10/2022
Nonperforming loan of European Islamic banks over the economic cycle Hassan OBEID, Faten Ben Bouheni, Elana Margarint Annals of Operations Research 01/2022
L’impact de la supervision bancaire sur la stabilité des banques Hassan OBEID, Faten Ben Bouheni, Elena Margarint Gestion 2000 05/2021
Nonperforming loan of European Islamic banks over the economic cycle Hassan OBEID, Faten Ben Bouheni, Elena Margarint Annals of Operations Research 04/2021
ICT, Human Capital, Organizational Practices and Firm Profitability of Tunisian Manufacturing SMEs in the Electrical and Electronics Industry Hassan OBEID, Mohamed Kossai, Younes Ben Zaied Management et Avenir 02/2021
Artificial Intelligence: Serving American Security and Chinese Ambitions Hassan OBEID, Fatima Hillani, Rana Fakih, Khouloud Mozannar Journal 01/2020
Les déterminants de la performance éthique des banques islamiques Hassan OBEID, Josse Roussel, Nadia Slimene Revue d'Economie Financière 01/2020
Les déterminants de la performance éthique des banques islamiques Josse ROUSSEL, Hassan OBEID, Nadia SLIMENE Revue d'Economie Financière 01/2020
Financing social protection in Ukraine and the European Union : current situation and prospects Hassan OBEID, Kseniya Bagmet Socio Economic Challenges 01/2017
Stakeholder’s financial relations and bank business management efficiency: evidence from Ukraine Hassan OBEID, Maryna Brychko Financial Markets, Institutions & Risks 01/2017
Determinants of Islamic banking adoption in Tunisia: empirical analysis Hassan OBEID, Souheila Kaabachi International Journal of Bank Marketing 10/2016
Empirical Investigation into Customer Adoption of Islamic Banking Services In Tunisia Hassan OBEID, Souheila KAABACHI Journal of Applied Business Research 06/2016
La banque islamique en Tunisie Freins, motivations et attentes de la clientèle bancaire Hassan OBEID, SOUHEILA KAABACHI Revue Banque et Stratégie 03/2014
The Short- And Long-Term Performance of Privatization Initial Public Offerings in Europe Hassan OBEID, Haykel Hamdi, Duc Khuong Nguyen Journal of Applied Business Research 06/2013
Evaluation the productive Efficiency of Islamic and Conventional Banks in GCC countries Hassan OBEID, Chawki El Moussaoui, Ahmad Salloum Journal of Money, Investment and Banking 04/2013
Information technology sector and equity markets: an empirical investigation Hassan OBEID, Fredj Jawadi, Nabila Jawadi, Duc Khuong Nguyen Applied Financial Economics 01/2013
Using IFRS to understand the impact of the privatization on the firm’s performance: evidence from Europe Hassan OBEID, Patrick Piget Investment management & financial innovations 07/2012
The Impact of Stock Exchange Performance of Selected French Privatization Firms Hassan OBEID, Ishaq BHATTI Investment Management and Financial Innovations 03/2011
Evaluating the Productive Efficiency of Islamic Banking in GCC: A Non Parametric Approach Hassan OBEID, Chawki El Moussaoui International Research Journal of Finance and Economics 01/2010
L'impact des privatisations sur la performance des entreprises françaises Hassan OBEID, Michel ALBOUY Finance Contrôle Stratégie 01/2007