New Advances in Brand Narration : the Surfing telling

Claire GARCIA, Xavier MENAUD

This article aims to present a transformation of the narrative techniques of brand communication via the Internet Media: the Surfingtelling. Adapted from the storytelling, this approach strongly rooted in a relational approach to the consumer, seeks to promote a viral dimension of communication through the use of social media. Pioneer in the area, Mennen, offers here a new approach of communication strategies on the Internet. This preliminary research aims at defining conceptually the Surfingtelling so as to include it in the thematic area of the discourse of the brand. A semiological approach of Mennen’s advertisement (French version) is also provided to highlight the much-needed creation of a new discursive approach in order to hit a target of teenagers or young adults.

Publication type: 
Academic communication
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Marketing in the Age of Consumerism: Jekyll or Hyde ?