Workers' Risk Attitude and Financial Participation

Jean-Max KOSKIEVIC, Marc-Arthur DIAYE, Rahma DALY

Financial participation of employees is a perennial debate in political discussions as well as in business practice and in social sciences research. On the European level in particular attempts have been made during recent years to harmonise and stimulate the instrument of economic democracy and partnership. To date, regulations have been characterised by national law and labour relations. For instance, France has established an obligatory legal framework, whereas small tax incentives are provided in Germany. Therefore, this book combines several national reports with perspectives from different disciplines, e.g. business administration, economic sociology and law. Furthermore, different institutional forms like corporate associations are presented. With contributions by: Jens Lowitzsch, Iraj Hashi, Alban Hashani, Jean-Michel Content, Mirella Damiani, Fabrizio Pompei, Andrea Ricci, Herwig Roggemann, Simon Fietze, Wenzel Matiaske, Verena Tosch, Maciej Kozlowski, Spartak Keremidchiev, Eric Kaarsemaker, Eric Poutsma, Nina Pološki Vokic, Maja Klindžic, Ivana Nacinovic Braje, Mathieu Floquet, Loris Guery, Patrice Laroche, Anne Stevenot, Thomas Steger, Madeleine Dietrich, Christina Beisiegel, Alexander Kern, Thomas Haipeter, Rahma Daly, Marc-Arthur Diaye, Jean-Max Koskievic, Begoña Arregi, Fred Freundlich, Mónica Gago, Maite Legarra, Nerea Lizarraga, Sylvia Gay, Jose Antonio Mendizabal, Ainhoa Larrañaga, Theresia Theurl, Sandra Maria Swoboda

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