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Ioannis G. Theodorakis (Ph.D.) is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Paris School of Business. His research interests include anthropocentric issues such as psychological responses to marketing stimuli dependent upon consumer psychographic predispositions, as well as business-strategy topics such as the conceptual and empirical investigation of marketing strategic orientations. His work has been published in Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Advertising, as well as in many proceedings of peer-reviewed international conferences (e.g., American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing Science, American Academy of Advertising, and European Marketing Academy).



  • PhD, Business Administration, Marketing and communication (graduated in 2011)

Teaching department

  • Marketing


Scientific Article
Title Authors Source Date
Ad eroticism from a psychological distance perspective: Investigating its effects in light of consumers’ sex, ethical judgments, and moral attentiveness Ioannis THEODORAKIS, Grigorios PAINESIS Journal of Business Research 03/2022
Why shape a market? Empirical evidence on the prominent firm-level and market-level outcomes of market-driving strategy Ioannis THEODORAKIS, Vlasis STATHAKOPOULOS, Konstantinos G. KOTTIKAS, Grigorios PAINESIS, Efthymia KOTTIKA Journal of Business Research 02/2022
We survived this! What managers could learn from SMEs who successfully navigated the Greek economic crisis Ioannis THEODORAKIS, Efthymia KOTTIKA, A. OZSOMER, Kostas KAMINAKIS, Konstantinos G. KOTTIKAS, Vlasis STATHAKOPOULOS Industrial Marketing Management 01/2020
Market-driving strategy and the human factor: Top management versus middle management Ioannis THEODORAKIS, Vlasis STATHAKOPOULOS, Konstantinos KOTTIKAS, Efthymia KOTTIKA Journal of Business Research 01/2019
The impact of psychological distance and construal level on consumers’ responses to taboos in advertising Ioannis THEODORAKIS, Grigorios PAINESIS Journal of Advertising 01/2018
Containing Cause-Related Marketing Skepticism: A Comparison across Donation Frame Types Ioannis THEODORAKIS, Pavlos A. VLACHOS, Christos D. KORITOS, Areti KREPAPA, Konstantinos TASOULIS Corporate Reputation Review 01/2016
Rhetorical maneuvers in a controversial tide: Assessing the boundaries of advertising rhetoric’s effectiveness Ioannis THEODORAKIS, Christos D. KORITOS, Vlasis STATHAKOPOULOS Journal of Advertising 01/2015
Visual and verbal rhetoric in advertising: The case of ‘resonance’ Ioannis THEODORAKIS, Vlasis STATHAKOPOULOS, Eleni MASTORIDOU International Journal of Advertising 01/2008
Title Authors Source Date
Figuratively bleeding or just bleeding? Exploring consumers’ personal values and emotions within simple and rhetorically constructed violent ad contexts! Ioannis THEODORAKIS, Christos D. KORITOS Gabler Berlag 01/2011