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Bank Capital Ratio and Lending Behavior


Using a large panel of data from 3446 banks located in the euro area over the period 2009-2018, this paper aims to shed further light on the question: How does bank capital ratio influence lending behavior? Our results suggest a negative impact of the capital increase on the banks’ loan supply.

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Bank lending margins in a negative interest rate environment

Whelsy BOUNGOU, Charles MAWUSI

Following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, the central banks of many advanced economies resorted to unconventional monetary policies including, the adoption of a negative interest rate policy, aimed at spurring economic recovery and growth.

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Beyond climate and conflict relationships: New evidence from a Copula-based analysis on an historical perspective

Stephane GOUTTE, Olivier Damette
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Climate Change-related Risks and Bank Stock Returns

Are banks aware of climate change risks? To answer this question, we use daily data from the stock indices of global and G20 banks over the period from 03 January 2011 to 29 November 2019. We find that climate change risks impact banks’ stock market performance. However, banks’

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Color Effectiveness. Influence of Color and Typography of Commercial Websites on Surfurs’ Reactions: An Experimental Study of their Interaction Effects

Demba Ousmane DIOUF, Jean-François Lemoine
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Deciphering Convergence: Novel Insights and Future Ideas on Science, Technology, and Industry Convergence

Francesco APPIO, Stefanie Bröring, Nathalie Sick, Sungjoo Lee, Luca Mora
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Deep learning and technical analysis in cryptocurrency market

Stephane GOUTTE, Hoang-Viet Le, Liu Fei , von Mettenheim Hans-Jörg

A large number of modern practices in financial forecasting rely on technical analysis, which involves several heuristics techniques of price charts visual pattern recognition as well as other technical indicators.

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Democracy and intra-Africa trade