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Democracy and intra-Africa trade

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Democracy and Intra-Africa Trade

Whelsy BOUNGOU, Francis OSEI-TUTU, Amara ZONGO

Despite numerous efforts by policymakers, trade among African countries remain abysmal. In this paper, we investigate whether democracy affects intra-Africa trade of goods.

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Democracy favors access to credit of firms

Francis OSEI-TUTU, Laurent Weill
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Do data breach disclosure laws matter to shareholder risk?

Samir SAADI, Syrine SASSI, Khaled Elmawazini, Khiyar Abdalla Khiyar, Mohammed Ali
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Does CEO risk-aversion affect carbon emission?

Samir SAADI, Ashrafee Hossain, Abu S Amin
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Economic complexity, diversification and economic development: The strategic factors

Mariem BRAHIM, M. Ben Saad, A. Schaffar, K. Guesmi , R. Ben Saad
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Economic Shocks and Democratic Consolidation: Historical Evidence from Party-Level Electoral Volatility in France

Mickael MELKI, François Facchini

The emergence of a stable party system is a central aspect of democratic consolidation. Building a novel historical dataset, we analyze how economic growth affected the party-level electoral volatility during the consolidation of the French democracy over the Third Republic (1870-1940).