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Dr. Boungou Whelsy holds a Ph.D. in Banking and Finance (in June 2021) from the University of Bordeaux, France. He then joined PSB Paris School of Business as an Associate Professor of Finance in September 2021. Dr Boungou’s research focuses primarily on three areas, namely how banks adjust their business model in response to: (i) changing monetary policy interest rates; (ii) increased capital requirements; (iii) increased economic uncertainties. His research has been published in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Economics Letters, Finance Research Letters, International Journal of Finance and Economics, Economics Bulletin, and Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. Dr. Boungou has also been a Visiting Researcher at the Centre de Recherche de Sciences Po – OFCE on several occasions.



  • PhD, Economics, Economics (graduated in 2021)

Teaching department

  • Finance


Scientific Article
Title Authors Source Date
The Impact of COVID-19 on Bank Profitability: Cross-Country Evidence Whelsy BOUNGOU, EMMANUELLE AUGERAUD-VERON German Economic Review, The 04/2023
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Democracy and Intra-Africa Trade Whelsy BOUNGOU, Francis OSEI-TUTU, Amara ZONGO Comparative Economic Studies 01/2023
How does Bank Capital Influence Lending and Securities Holdings? Evidence from Asian Whelsy BOUNGOU Bankers, Markets&Investors (ex Banque et Marchés) 01/2023
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The Impact of the Ukraine-Russia War on World Stock Market Returns Whelsy BOUNGOU, Alhonita Yatié Economics Letters 06/2022
Negative-for-long interest rates and customer deposit rate Whelsy BOUNGOU Finance Research Letters 05/2022
A Note on the Profitability of African Banks: Islamic versus Conventional Whelsy BOUNGOU African Finance Journal, The 01/2022
The impact of economic policy uncertainty on banks' non-interest income activities Whelsy BOUNGOU, Charles MAWUSI International Economics 01/2022
The Ukraine-Russia War and Systemic Financial Stress Whelsy BOUNGOU, Francis OSEI-TUTU, Alhonita YATIE, Amara ZONGO Economics Bulletin 01/2022
Economic Policy Uncertainty and Banks' Interest Income: Empirical Evidence from an International Panel Dataset Whelsy BOUNGOU, Charles MAWUSI Economics Bulletin 09/2021
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