Ekaterina BESSON

Ekaterina BESSON

Associate Professor
Ekaterina Besson is an Associate professor at PSB Paris School of Business, Paris, France. She holds a PhD from University of Birmingham Business School. Ekaterina teaches Principles of Management, Corporate Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Paris School of Business. Her research interests are in innovation management, new technology development and buyer-seller collaboration.



  • PhD, Business Administration, Management (graduated in 2013)

Teaching department

  • Marketing and Communication

Research department

  • Strategy and Management

Chair department

  • New Practices for Innovation and Creativity




Scientific Article
Title Authors Source Date
Consumer evaluation of collaboration between perfumery and gastronomy for innovation Ekaterina BESSON, Hajer KEFI, Yue ZHAO, A. MAALAOUI international journal of entrepreneurship and small business 06/2019
The influence of production, IT, and logistics process innovations on ambidexterity performance Ekaterina BESSON, Lorenzo ARDITO, Antonio MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Gian Luca GREGORI Business Process Management Journal 01/2018
Managing Techno-Supply Push and User-Demand Pull Innovation Phillip CARTWRIGHT, Jean-Max KOSKIEVIC, Ekaterina BESSON Journal 05/2017
Service Business Markets: relationship development in shipping industry Ekaterina BESSON Journal of Business-to Business Marketing 01/2017
Nostalgia and technology innovation driving retro music consumption Phillip CARTWRIGHT, Ekaterina BESSON, Laurent MAUBISSON European Journal of Innovation Management 12/2013
Title Authors Source Date
A View Toward Disruptive Innovation Ekaterina BESSON, Phillip CARTWRIGHT LES NOUVEAUX ENJEUX DU MANAGEMENT / L'Harmattan 01/2012
Invention, Innovation and the Growing Demand for Energy – The Case of Solar Power and India Ekaterina BESSON, Phillip CARTWRIGHT Editions Ellipses 01/2012
Academic communication
Title Authors Source Date
Customer Evaluation of perfumery-gastronomy collaboration Ekaterina BESSON Entrepreneurship: Past, Present and Future 01/2017
Investigating middle managers' role in structural ambidexterity: boundary spanning practices Valérie MERINDOL, Jean-Paul SUSINI, Ekaterina BESSON 09/2016
Understanding the practices of integration : the role of team reflexivity Valérie MERINDOL, Jean-Paul SUSINI, Ekaterina BESSON 07/2015
Rewards and Functionality: Techno-Supply-Push and User-Demand-Pull R&D and Innovation Ekaterina BESSON, Phillip CARTWRIGHT, Jean-Max KOSKIEVIC 06/2014
Buyer-seller partnerships in business markets: towards an integrated approach Ekaterina BESSON 01/2014
Press Article
Title Authors Source Date
Pourquoi l'Europe innove moins que les Etats-Unis ? Ekaterina BESSON, Regis CHENAVAZ, Phillip CARTWRIGHT Le nouvel observateur 01/2012
Steve Jobs : l’homme qui savait parler aux co-innovateurs Ekaterina BESSON, Regis CHENAVAZ, Phillip CARTWRIGHT Les Echos 01/2011
Working Paper
Title Authors Source Date
Understanding the practices of integration in the NPD process: the role of team reflexivity Ekaterina BESSON, Valerie MERINDOL, Jean Paul SUSINI 01/2016