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Impacts, Sustainability, and Resilience on the Egyptian Tourism and Hospitality Industry after the Russian Airplane crash in 2015.

Stephane GOUTTE, Said EL ATIEK
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Revisiting the relationship between business conditions, climate policy uncertainty, and environmental pollution: evidence from the USA

Mariem BRAHIM, Mohamed Yousfi, Mariem Brahim, Sahbi Farhani, Houssam Bouzgarrou
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The relationship between climate risk, climate policy uncertainty, and CO2 emissions: Empirical evidence from the US

Khaled GUESMI, Spyros Spyrou, Panagiota Makrychoriti

This paper examines the relationship between climate risk and climate policy uncertainty, and CO2 emissions in the US over the 2000–2022 period using a structural Factor- Augmented Vector AutoRegression (FAVAR) model with a two-step principal component analysis based on monthly observations.

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Color effectiveness. Influence of color and typography of commercial websites on surfurs’ reactions: An experimental study of their interaction effects

Demba Ousmane DIOUF, Jean-François Lemoine
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Does adhering to the principles of green finance matter for stock valuation? Evidence from testing for (co-) explosiveness

Hatem RJIBA, Tobias Basse, Majdi Karmani, Christoph Wegener

We use a test for co-explosiveness to improve our understanding of the effects of green finance on the valuation of stocks.

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Patients’ behavioral intentions toward robotic adoption in healthcare: An approach on apprehension of embedding robotics


The ubiquitous healthcare sector requires a variegated set of emerging innovations and advanced technologies in the healthcare sector.

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PGP for portfolio optimization: application to ESG index family

Christian UROM, Ilyes Abid

The conventional portfolio design approach assumes Gaussian return distributions, but this is not accurate in practice. Asymmetric and heavy-tailed return distributions necessitate consideration of higher-order moments such as skewness and kurtosis, in addition to mean and variance.

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The inflation loop is not a myth

This paper is part of the current debate around the wage-price spiral as inflation surges rapidly, and it assesses empirically whether the prevalence of wage indexation arrangements and the balance of bargaining power between workers and firms can explain cross-country differences in the dynamics