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The Impact of COVID-19 on Bank Profitability: Cross-Country Evidence


Using data from 5474 banks located in 23 OECD countries over the period 2019Q2-2022Q1, we study the influence of COVID-19 on bank profitability (before and during the COVID-19 vaccination period).

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The role of organization intermediaries in science-/techno-push versus user-centric approaches in health care innovation


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Dynamic effects of geopolitical risks and infectious diseases on real estate markets

Geopolitical risks (GPR) and increase in equity market volatility due to health pandemics have great implications on assets prices around the world. Many empirical studies have focused on the effects of these risks on different financial assets.

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Firm inflexibility and the implied cost of equity

Samir SAADI, Omrane Guedhami, Zhengwei Fu, Sadok El Ghoul

Using a large dataset of manufacturing firms from 65 countries, we examine whether and how firm inflexibility influences implied cost of equity over the period 1989–2018. We find that, on average, a firm with higher level of inflexibility have a higher implied cost of equity.

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Fostering positive customer attitudes and usage intentions for scheduling services via chatbots

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Gravitating exogenous shocks to the next normal through entrepreneurial coopetive interactions: A PLS-SEM and fsQCA approach

Wissal BEN ARFI, George Bogdan Dr?gan, Victor Tiberius, Aymen Ammari

Purpose: Entrepreneurship can be viewed as an individual or group pursuit of market opportunities irrespective of
the context. But when an exogenous shock alters and permanently alters the known normal, entrepreneurs can do